Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's Six Sentence Saturday-----The Demon Side

In today's Six Sentence, we find Ra in hell, facing off with his arch nemesis, Alastor. A once arrogant Rahovart, is given a lesson in humility with a hefty price. 

 I should have grabbed Etta and gotten out of there when I had the chance. Instead, my ego led me to believe I could defeat Alastor and save the girl. My next move would decide both of our fates. Rush him, and he might kill her. Strike at him, and I might kill her. Wait too long, and she would suffocate to death. I stood at Alastor’s mercy.

Want to know more? The Demon Side releases October 21st, 2011. Also, be sure to keep coming back for more character bio's, interviews and excerpts.


  1. *Jumping up and down in front of the whole family while they think I've gone insane* Kill him!! Kill Alastor!!

    GREAT SIX!! I will be the first in line for The Demon Side.

  2. Oh gosh! What a hard decision to make! I hope she makes the right one. So intense. Great six! Well done!

  3. Wow! I can't wait to see what happens. Kick some Demon butt! Save the girl!

  4. Great six! Wonderful voice there... and what a difficult decision!

  5. Excellent six Heaven. Very intense scene. I hope he saves the day.