Thursday, December 22, 2011

Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews: Happy Holidays - Heaven Leigh Eldeen - The Spirit ...

Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews: Happy Holidays - Heaven Leigh Eldeen - The Spirit ...: Don't forget to leave a comment and follow Guilty Pleasures to be eligible for entry in the give-away and grand prize! And be sure to check my blog to enter to win some cool stuff

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Playlist of Doom Giveaway

I make it no secret that my weapon against writers block is making sure I always ave my IPod on full blast when I write. In fact music has been a huge inspiration in my writing. Whether it's the pace or the lyrics, certain songs set certain scenes and help drive my imagination

Since the release of The Demon Side, I have been asked by fans, bloggers, authors, and friends which songs I listened to while writing it. So, here it is folks, The Demon Side soundtrack. See if you can pinpoint the scene to the song. Leave a comment with your guess or guesses and you just may win a prize. That's right I'm giving stuff away. 

In the spirit of the season I'm giving away copies of The Demon Side to whoever you wish as a gift from you. It can be a friend, family member, or hell I'll send it to your dog if want. Ill also be giving away some pretty cool gift cards! That's right, what say Happy Christmas, Merry New New Year better than some spending money for and Itunes? Nothing that's what!

But it wouldn't be the giving season if I didn't make sure everyone got something for their comments. I also have some really cool Demon Side bookmarks as well. One will be sent to you and a friend, family member, ect. of your choice as a gift from you! Just be sure to leave your email address (not home address) along with your guess or comment. *Winners will be chosen December 31st, 2011*

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Now that the shock and awe has worn off from yesterday's '25 things you may not know about me' I thought I would take the time to explain how I number twelve’d on my husband John’s foot.

Now before I get to the nitty gritty I want to give you a little insight on how it all came about. You see my husband and I got married after being in a relationship for over year however in that time we had only spent four months physically together. He had joined the Marine Corps so most of our time together was really spent apart.  Hell, even after we got married we spent over a month apart so he could get things ready for us.

We didn’t have much in the beginning living as husband and wife. Fortunately enough the Marine Corps gave us a beautiful two story town home. All of our furnishing and belongings consisted of an air mattress a thirteen inch black and white television, a radio, two pillows, one quilt, two bicycles and our clothes.

After three months of sitting on an air mattress to watch television and sleep my husband came home with an awesome gift. He had scored us an actual couch, bed, end tables, and twenty-six inch color TV with a built in VCR (that’s the way people watched movies at home before DVD’s. Google it.) That night we decided to celebrate our rise in living condition by going out for Chinese food.

With our bellies full and our spirits high we came home to a better place. As I plopped down on my new found 70’s throw back floral print couch, my husband decides to lay down a ground rule. To inaugurate the furnishing properly he insisted we lay together on it watching television naked.

Now this wouldn’t bother most people but I was very self-conscious back then.  When I first met John I was what I ought a cute seventy eight pounds thanks to my heavy drug use. Once he found out how I kept my girlish figure he threw down an ultimatum and out went my tiny physic. Within two months of being clean I had blown up to a whopping one hundred eighty five pounds. Needless to say my self-confidence had taken a few blows.

So the thought of actually laying there naked terrified me. After much persistence my husband won the ‘Nude or Not to Nude’ debate. But I had a trick up my sleeve. Pretending to be cold I grabbed our California King Size quilt and hid myself under it. After five minutes of cuddling with him I decided to lay on the other end of the couch with my feet near his torso. Annoyed with my lack of affection and short cuddle time, he slid his feet under my butt. “You either cuddle or keep my feet warm.” Are words he never thought he’d regret.

As we laid there watching Primal Fear for the fiftieth time in two months, I felt a gurgling in my tummy. Thinking it was only gas I held it back. I mean you couldn’t really expect me to poot in front of my husband. Yes I said poot. Women don’t fart, we poot.  Men fart. Now mind you every time I have needed to release a little pressure I have always walked outside, gone to the bathroom or found some other room. But tonight I was naked. No way was I going to get up and let my husband see me naked.

 Anyways, the gurgling started to become a little much. After deciding releasing just a tiny bubble would make a world of difference, I did. Now, when I did this I knew it didn’t feel right but I shrugged it off as just being uncomfortable in my situation. Then it happened!

Rising up from the couch as if he were Bela Lugosi in 1931’s Dracula, my husband stared at me with the true look of fear. Seconds that seemed to be eternity passed before he said the words that would forever haunt me.

“Did you just s*** on my foot?”
“No.” I replied sheepishly

“No! I think you just s*** on my foot!”  He exclaimed as he threw the quilt off of us. As the quilt landed on the floor, I was suddenly hit with panic. I had indeed poo’ed on his foot. Fearing further humiliation, I bolted up the stairs clinching my butt cheeks together locking myself in the bathroom.

Being the great hubby he is he sat at the door first telling me it was okay then moved onto to joking about how he didn’t know I was into the sort of thing. Finally, after forty five minutes of crying I opened the door to a poopy footed husband who still loved me and saw past the grossness and saw the cuteness.

To this day he brings it up even though I’ve gone without an accident in eleven years. I’ve learned to laugh about it. Maybe you can to.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


25.) I collect postcards. To date I have over 400 of them. Most are from places I have been but some have come from friends and family.

24.) I used to collect key chains. I once had over 1500 of them. The funny part is I wore them all on a chain hanging off my pants with one house key. I could never find the thing.

23.) My all-time favorite movie is a tie between Mary Poppins and My Fair Lady. I know all the songs in both!

22.) I hold the record in my Jr. High school for the most fights in one school year.

21.) I am obsessed with serial killers. If there is a book about one I’ve probably read it. If there is one I haven’t read let me know so I can buy it.

20.) I literally cannot go a day without listening to music. I’d go insane!

19.) My favorite T.V. show is Teen Mom 2. That one I have no explanation for.

18.) I have a severe OCD when it comes to putting groceries away and loading a dishwasher. It annoys me to no end when people put meat next to vegetables and spoons with forks.

17.) When I’m feeling low I pull out a Thomas Kinkade puzzle. He makes everything prettier.

16.) I have over 40 Thomas Kinkade puzzle hanging up on my walls.
His actual hair! So Jealous!
15.) I’m jealous of my brother, Richie’s hair. It’s so pretty and silky!

14.) I hate the word wonton. It doesn’t matter how you use it. I truly dislike the word.

13.) The series of books that started me in my writing career is The House of the Night series by Kirsten and P.C. Cast.

12.) I once accidentally pooped on my husband foot eleven years ago. He still brings it up!

11.) I can bend my thumbs behind the knuckle of my forefingers and type. It used to gross people out in my High School computer lab.

10.) I refuse to try sushi or sashimi. The thought of raw fish and sea weed terrifies me.

9.) My favorite Iron Chef is Masaharu Morimoto. I would eat his Sushi!

8.) I am a great cook. No one really knows that since my husband does all the cooking when we have guests over because he’s not a social person.

7.) I can make a sexual comment out of just about anything. I was born with a gutter brain.

6.) When it comes to talking dirty during sex, I suck. I once used the word Va-jay-jay and killed the whole mood. So I keep my mouth shut now.

Kodiak, Alaska
5.) My dream is to own property and live in Alaska.

4.) I have been and lived in every state in the union except Alaska.

3.) Almost all of my jewelry has a Fleur-de-lie on it. My house is covered in them too.

2.) I avoid talking on the phone like the plague. If a friend calls I’ll let it go to voice mail then text them back.

1.) I have never met the people I consider to be my best friends in person. We text or facebook it.

So there is 25 thing you may have not known about me. If you’d like to know more, just ask! I am an open book. I even have pop up pages. But if you really want to know what goes on in my head, check out my novella The Demon Side, now available in most Ereader formats!

Monday, December 5, 2011