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This book is dedicated to my niece, Evelynn Yvette Eldeen. A girl who truly encompasses the spirit, strength, fortitude and fight you would expect from an angel. I’m so glad you made it, baby girl.

I would like to thank my husband and son, first and foremost, for all of their love, help and support with my writing. You guys have endured a lot, and I greatly appreciate it. To my family: What can I say I haven’t said a million times? Well, let’s make it a million and one. I love you, and without your support, I couldn’t have written this book.
I’d also like to thank my fellow authors and new found family; Benjamin Russell, Katie Harper, Finless Davee Jones, Lisa Worrall, Bobby Momenteller & all of my wonderful friends in my writers group on Facebook. I don’t know what I would do without you guys! And who could forget to thank the amazing, beautiful, and talented, Mrs. Elicia Stoll. Honey, without you, I would truly be lost in the world of punctuation and grammar without a map.
Now that I’ve thanked everyone I know personally, I would also like to thank you, the reader, and my fans for all of your encouragement, support, kind words and friendship. 

The Human Side
(Book Two in the Demon Side Series)
Bobby Momenteller (cover model for The Human Side)

Chapter One
 I couldn’t resist, even though I’ve been warned time and time again to leave Etta alone. My curiosity always got the best of me, but also my fear for her. It’s been over a year since I went from being a Fallen to saving Etta from Hell and getting my wings back, but I still worried another attack on her would come. At least that’s the excuse I kept telling myself when I would sneak away to watch her sleep, and that’s what I told myself tonight. 

 It had been too long since my last midnight visit to Etta’s room. Etta graduated high school and went off to the hustle and bustle of Duke University. I only made one attempt to visit her there, but the hallways of her dormitory were crowded with drunken students. I couldn’t risk word getting back to Father I had been sighted near her. So I would pop in on John from time to time to find out when Etta’s next visit to Quantico would be. 

During one of my eavesdropping sessions, I heard the greatest news I could imagine. Of course I was being selfish in my happiness. Unable to concentrate, failing class after class, Etta no longer wished to attend University. After three long grueling months, Etta and her friend Amy rented a house in Quantico Town and enrolled in the local community college, making it much easier for me to visit her more often. Occasionally, for reasons unknown, she’d go to John’s house just down the street to sleep in the room we once shared. That is where I found her tonight.

Her long curly brown hair resembled tendrils of silk lay out perfectly across her white cotton pillow. Her olive skin glowed in the creeping dawn’s light. The shadows of the falling snow outside the window dance on her exposed belly. Her lips glistened like a mirage in the hot dusty desert as small droplets of saliva slowly ran down her cheek, pooling onto her pillow.
As she softly exhaled, my body craved to lie beside her, if only for a second, so once more I could feel her sweet steady breath against my skin. I can only hope one day my secret prayers would be answered. 

Leaning forward in her terribly uncomfortable white wicker chair next to the bed, I watched her closely as she slept. Though Etta no longer wakes up screaming; every toss, every turn, and every little moan sent my imagination into overdrive. I know the veil closed behind me when I left, but I wondered if she ever subconsciously dreamt about me.

 Did the CD and feather I left her ever bring up a hidden memory of our time together? If so, does she see me as I am now, or does she only see the Demon I once was? Has her heart forgotten the love she professed for me? Does the heart ever truly forget? 

 So deep in my thoughts, I wasn’t paying attention to the time when Etta’s alarm went off. Swiftly putting the chair back at her desk, I snagged my wing against the wall, chipping the sheetrock. Etta began to stir as our song ‘Taking Care of Business’ blasted on her clock radio. Instantly, I was flooded with the memory of us dancing and lip synching in her bedroom. The way her hips moved as she sang into her hairbrush made my heart putter like a car running out of gas, except the memory fueled me.
The sound of her waking yawn snapped me back into the present. With Etta almost fully awake, I had no time to fix the wall. Bolting out of the window, I launched myself toward home.

Another close call. I was getting sloppy with my secret visits to Etta. Needless to say, I wasn’t surprised to find Michael waiting in my room when I arrived home.

“Where have you been? No. Don’t say a word, I know where you’ve been. You can’t keep sneaking off like that. Rahovart, you have got to stop and let her get on with life.” 

“I had a bad feeling so I thought I would check it out.” I wasn’t lying, but you couldn’t say it was the total truth. It was the truth as I felt it. 

Arches don’t have the ability to lie per say, but the truth isn’t as black and white as one would think. We can only say how we view things, and I’d done a good job convincing myself I was checking on her safety. At least well enough I was able to use the excuse when questioned about my visits. 
“That’s what she has Guardians for. Let them do their job, Rahovart. With that being said, we need to go. Father has called us to the war room, and we’ve been waiting on you.”

“How long has he been waiting?” Crap! I thought to myself. 

I know Father is all knowing, but I had hoped with everything happening this time of year, maybe he wouldn’t notice my absence. November and December is always our busiest months as we prepped for our celebrations, but also the celebrations on Earth always seemed to draw out Demons in full force. With the big day fast approaching, our meetings in the war room were becoming regular.  All the more reason I should have probably stayed home tonight.

“Long enough that Father is not happy and growing very impatient.” Michael answered as we both tried walking out of my door at the same time. With a playful nudge, Michael attempted to push me out of the doorway. 

“Oh, you think so?” I laughingly replied as I prodded him with my elbow, slightly harder than he nudged me.

“Hey, who’s the boss here?” Michael said with a sly smile as he slid out of the door. 

I didn’t mind that every chance he had, he mentioned he was now in charge of the eight Arches. I lost my position as leader when I fell and now found myself on the bottom rung of the rank ladder. On the other hand, I was content with having fewer responsibilities. It seemed when I had even the slightest power, I messed up, and with my aspiration of waiting for Etta, I couldn’t risk falling again. Plus it afforded me more time to confirm her safety should one of my ‘bad’ feelings arise. 

I trotted up to Michael, smacking him on the back of the head. “You may be in charge brother, but that doesn’t mean you can take me.” I said jokingly.

We made the journey to the war room chasing after each other, slap boxing like two hormone crazed teenaged boys on the crowded golden streets. I finally got Michael in a head lock when Gabriel walked out of the large arched doorway of the war room.

“Seriously?  You guys better hurry up and get in here. He’s going to start without you.” Gabriel folded his arms across his chest and gave us the look I could only imagine a mother would give her naughty children. 

 Releasing Michael from my perfectly executed headlock, I followed him into the large, round, white room and took my seat at the end of the long white desk. I once sat on the other side of this desk for my Tribunal. The thought of what I was then made me shudder in disgust of myself. I had come so close to being damned to Purgatory that day.       
“So glad you could finally join us, Rahovart.” I was snapped out of my head when Father showed up in his angelic form. My face turned red with embarrassment as Father looked directly at me with a hint of frustration in his expression.

 “Now that everyone is here, I want to discuss with you all your duties for today. We have some Catholic Priests in Miami, Florida in need of some reminders of the commandments. Michael and Gabriel, I’m sure you can show them the errors of their ways. Raguel and Ramiel, I need you two in Portage, Michigan to help an Atheist single mother with her drug sickness. Uriel and Saraqael, you’re needed in Rothenberg, Germany to help a Lutheran suicidal homeless man, and Raphael, I need you in Niles, Ohio to help a homesick Mormon Missionary.”

These weren’t our usual tasks, but this was the only time of year all ten choirs of angels were used for more than just their normal duties. We had all been slammed for two weeks with helping people keep their various faiths. 

As everyone left for their assignments, I sat there curious as to why I was not given one. The room was now silent. Father looked as though he was in deep thought as he walked around the blinding white room with his hands behind his back and his eyes on the floor.

“Rahovart, my son, do you believe I could make a mistake?”  Father asked, breaking the silence of the room. The question threw me back. Father…make a mistake? What was he getting at? Was he questioning his forgiveness of me?

“No Father.” My voice quavered, revealing the uneasiness his question stirred up within me.

“Sometimes I wonder, if when I created you, I gave you too big of a heart.” He asked the question more to himself than he did me. 

“I’ve tried to be understanding and patient with you my son. I even looked the other way when you left Etta tokens of your affection, but your constant disobedience and sneaking around is wearing thin. Another problem is, I’m not sure what to do exactly to get my point across to you. I’ve thought about demoting you, but I’m not sure that would be severe enough to do any good.”

My heart stopped. Severe? Since I’ve been back, I’ve been desperately trying to prove myself worthy of my place and his forgiveness. Was it all for nothing? Would my wings be stripped from me? If I fell again, my soul wouldn’t survive long. I pissed off quite a few Demons in Hell, including Lucifer himself, when I turned sides to rescue Etta from Alastor. Etta? What about Etta? If I was damned now, I’d never have the chance to have her fall in love with me again, let alone see her again. I felt as though invisible hands clasped around my neck, slowly squeezing the air out of my lungs. Bile rose in my throat and black dots flickered before my eyes. 

“Calm down my son.”  Father said, noticing the panic on my face. Placing a hand on my shoulder, the sick feeling gradually escaped me, and the cool air returned to its rightful place in my lungs. 

“I have two solutions, but you must make the choice on which one you will abide by. You will have time to think about these choices I am about to give you, but remember, once you decide, you will be bound to it.”

I listened intently as Father explained my options. Both carried heavy consequences if I failed to abide by their guidelines. It was a life or death decision, but I didn’t need time to think. The choice I would choose was very clear to me. Without thought or question, I gave Father my answer.

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First off, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day and joining us. Usually I start by asking you to tell us a little about yourself, but we ladies need to know one thing first…boxers or briefs?

Well thanks so much for having me. The pleasure is mine! Well, it really depends on what I’m doing (working out, going out, hanging out), but what I regularly like to wear, and find most comfortable, is definitely boxer-briefs…best of both worlds!
*fades off thinking about Mr. Momenteller’s underwear on the floor* Oh yeah, interview, duh.  While I gulp down this water to cool off, do you mind telling us a little about yourself?

Ha-ha, sure thing…I am a model and fitness athlete originally from the Midwest, about 60 miles from Chicago, IL.  I recently relocated to central Florida. I compete in the NPC Men’s Physique Division on the national level, and my goal is to go IFBB pro this year. I also love to write and sing. I am very passionate about my writing and music, aside from the modeling and fitness world. I will also pursue acting.

What made you decide to go into fitness and modeling?

As far as fitness, I guess I was always into sports and the muscular, ripped look since I can remember. Played sports my whole life, very athletic, but really didn’t lift until after I was out of high school at 19-20 years old. I did a little modeling when I was little too. At age 6, my mom took my sister and I into Chicago to do some department store ad type stuff once or twice. I remember it being really fun. Then as I started to work out after high school, a friend of my sister’s told me to go to an open call at his agency in Chicago.  I did and started off there with them, getting a bit of experience shooting and going to go-sees. I actually stopped after only about 6 months to start competing! LOL I became obsessed with training and bodybuilding and wanted to start competing and gaining more muscle.  Since I was in the Midwest market where taller and skinnier and skinnier and skinnier was, or is the look, they didn’t want me weighing more than the 160 pounds.  I did, and that definitely wasn’t what I wanted. So, I did my own thing and started training for shows.  Really getting into fitness and doing shows is what got me back into modeling full-force.  Gaining interest from fitness and fine art photographers, it became my true passion.
I’ve had the pleasure of stalking your Facebook page and noticed you’re a writer as well. Can you tell us a little more about your writing?

Yes, I love to write! I’ve done it much longer than modeling, and I don’t plan to stop. It can be defined as having an intense feeling that turns to overwhelming thoughts, which get spilled onto paper. Ha-ha. That’s seriously how I describe it because I’m not the type that can sit down and say I’m going to write something. It can’t really be planned with me, or it doesn’t seem real to myself. It just happens when it happens. I think everyone should do it…put your thoughts on paper. Since I do love it so much, I want to stretch it through to stories and things that are more planned out as well.

Has writing always been a passion for you, or did you wake up one day and say ‘Hey, I think I’ll write something today.’?

I think I woke up one day, and was just compelled to write what I felt on paper. Ya know? LOL I never considered myself a writer, it just became something I am very passionate about and needed in my life I guess. I’ve always been a very deep thinker and very quiet, and then you go through so many experiences in life, and I think you naturally start putting it on paper.  Being in bands pushed me to write too and made me wanna push my skills.

Mind sharing a tid bit of your work?


"The fragments collapse the constants elapse.
Your brain reacts particles intact…an exposure
to the skin, touching spiraling surface. Encased
in atmosphere there is no fear, becoming everything
encompassed by each nature is being colliding to
form.  We collect the articles stretched through time
tables thought up/ opening/ I'm opening becoming all
receptive/awakened/DRAWN into color. The earth
holds you . Absorbs you. Forms you out of reciprocating
particles until you form. You are formed until you rise.
RISE to such a formidable stature…weaponry engaged
within from primal stage. We aren't dealing with made up
symbols.  THIS IS MASTERY.
It’s not a word/it’s not a shape. It isn't anything you know
or made up. It comes from the silence and emptiness…
capsules of  inspiration rise from the vacant spaces of
nothingness. Once all is washed away with distraction,
comes the PURITY  of creative power and being to be
unmatched in endlessness."

Any fitness tips you can offer us chocolate junkies?
EAT IT! The darker, the better for you…powerful anti-oxidants, and the real cocoa has fat burning properties! YES, eat it…BUT…a tiny tiny bit, or that sugar will GET ya!! LOL  ;)

When shooting a cover, do you ever feel awkward, or is modeling natural to you?

Nah, I LOVE it!!! It really does come naturally…it felt natural right away and it’s always been nothing but fun and exciting for me.  I’m truly in my glory and feel most alive when shooting. Even being nude the first time wasn’t weird or a big deal.   I found it actually very liberating, and at this point, I don’t even feel naked anymore LOL ;)
How do you prepare for a shoot?

I try to always be ready for shoots…being in shoot shape or close to it. This is my passion, and I really pride myself on being my best and doing all I can to prepare for every specific of the shoot.   Any particular look or preparations the job or photographer calls for, I’ll do.   I always want to be “better” in every way possible and give the photographer, the job and everyone, the very best me.  I try to regularly take the best care of my skin, body and overall appearance, so I can present the best me possible.
How much time do you spend keeping up your incredibly rippled physique?  

Well I appreciate that compliment! J Uh, let’s say ALL DAY, but really it is a lot of time when you figure in the lifting, cardio and meals you must eat daily.  It is a full time job itself.

You do quite a few fitness shows. I can tell by some of your photos you definitely don’t need the help in this department, but I have to know: are the ‘padding’ rumors true?

LOL…Well…speaking for myself, like you said, definitely never.  Ha-ha..I don’t know about the other guys out there, but I cannot imagine anything else being able to fit in those trunks in bodybuilding. LOL 

Is there a Mrs. Momenteller?

Nope. There is no current or prior.
If no, do you want one? If yes, how do you two handle the swoon of women in your wake?
You know what, I used to, but I’m not so sure anymore. I think they scared me out of it! LOL I think I’m fine being alone I’ve always been a loner and enjoy it very much. Maybe not, it’s hard to tell.  I’m filled with love and passion and am very affectionate. I’ve always been a one woman man and not a player at all, believe it or not. If it were yes, and women were swooning, J I guess it would be hard for Mrs. Momenteller to handle LOL ;)

You’ve graced the covers of a few romance novels; tell me, are you a romantic? Are you a ‘put on some Barry White, wine and dine’ or a ‘burger, Metallica and a beer’ kind of guy?
ROMANTIC. Definitely…MY BIG downfall LOL ;)

Any plans to add to your tattoo collections?

Oh, definitely! LOL It’s been too long already…not a lot more though, and I definitely won’t cover up my body or do anything to hurt competing, as I know it’s kind of a love or hate thing there.

What are some of your pet peeves?

Not a whole lot...just ignorant people, I’d say. There’s a lot of lack of morals and respect out there these days. Also, when the freakin’ weather man says it’s going to be 81 degrees, but “feel” like 82’?! WTF is that?! Are you hearing this?! Ha-ha I’m just like: I know I’m gonna walk outside tomorrow and say “wow, I know it’s 81, but boy…it sure feels like it could be 82”!!!! Ha-ha ;)

So, if an author wanted to get you under her covers, oops, I mean on one of her covers, how would they go about that?

Wine me…dine me. OHH…you said ON covers?! LOL.  Well...I WANT to be on your covers! So, it’s only a matter of a few minor details, as far as the photography and what they want from me…but I’m very motivated to do a lot with it right now, so the more, the better!! J Just get in touch with me through one of my sites or email.

What are some of your turn-ons and turn-offs?
Turn-ons are someone who is real and thinks for themselves...honest, humble, confident and intelligent. Turn-offs are fakes, liars, negativity, jealousy and naïveté.

What is a day in the life of a fitness extraordinaire, cover model god and writer savant like?

Ha-ha-ha  Love it…It’s much like constantly preparing for a bodybuilding show that never ends, but with more writing and heavy metal music involved.  LOL. ;) Bodybuilders and physique models know what I’m talking about...I’m constantly training, dieting…keeping up on everything to be ready.
What do you consider the perfect day?

Now that I’m in Florida, every day is the perfect day, almost. ha-ha...You’re in paradise by a nice beach with the sun shining J I try to think of everyday being that perfect day now, so I maximize and appreciate each one. Any day I wake up healthy and happy. I don’t ask for much...the perfect workout and the beach all day, what could be better?! ;) You didn’t say anything about the night. ;)

What has been your proudest moment to date?
I really don’t have a moment…I’d say I’m just most proud personally of becoming who I really am and letting go of everything else.
What has been the most embarrassing moment to date?

Why would I be embarrassed of anything? 

You could have pretty much any woman you set your eyes on. I’m curious; what qualities do you look for?

Oh, Stop! J Well it’s very much the same as my turn-ons; of course the attraction physically is important, but someone who is real and knows who they are and loves that person…I think that’s very important so they have the confidence to trust in you. Also, someone humble and honest…loyal and connecting mentally are very important qualities.

 How do you juggle work and life outside of the spotlight?

That’s never been too much of a problem, yet…I have sacrificed having money or real jobs to pursue this, and I’m fine doing that. No problem if I need to, as long as I’m doing what I love to do.  It’s all I want, and that’s what I’ve been so blessed to do. I feel like God has always gotten me through and provided what I needed to keep going with this, and I trust in that.

Pepsi or Coke?
That’s a tough one...I like both! Although I rarely drink either ha-ha...I’ll say coke with liquor or hung-over and a Pepsi with Taco Bell! LOL ;)

*Coke?! You may be a big guy, but I can whoop your booty for that one*

Do you ever feel like you’re nothing more than a piece of meat?

Ha-ha nah…I never feel like that personally...although, I get it A LOT from people lol 

If I opened up your fridge, what would I find?

EGGS!! LOL  A lot of eggs, egg whites, Pur water, flax seeds, miracle greens, raw broccoli, string cheese, ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, mayonnaise, pickles and natural peanut butter LOL  
*note to self: make Mr. Momenteller an omelet the next morning*

What type of books do you enjoy reading?

I like adventure and mystery...fantasy. Anything that makes you think, and brings you into the world it’s trying to create. I like to read stuff by great thinkers and motivational type books as well. That’s also why I think I don’t like to think too long about what I write, so nothing I’ve recorded gets involved, or I just don’t read when I write.

I can’t write without my IPod on full blast, a Pepsi in hand, and a bag of Hershey Kisses’ next to me. Do you have any rituals when it comes to writing?

No.  Like I said, the more unplanned, the better for me...I really wish I could be like you and sit down all situated and know I’m gonna write something great, but I never know when it’s coming. The only thing I can predict is when it comes, it just spills out all at once.

If a woodchuck could chuck wood, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck?

Ha-ha I’d say a lot!

What do you enjoy doing with your spare time?

Taking ridiculously long showers 

*Have you been reading my diary again?*

Do you have any hobbies?
Everything I do is a hobby…I just happen to try to do them for a living! LOL  ;)

I make it no secret I have a huge industry crush on you. If it weren’t for the fact I love my husband…I’d, well, let’s just say the jail sentence would be worth it. Who are some of your industry crushes?

LOL Aww, now I’m heartbroken!  I was just going to say I’m talking to one. Ha-ha  Cover model and you’re right there, Mrs. Slice of Heaven LOL ;) I do have a few I could say, but I’m just not even gonna start to name any names here.  LOL
*blushes while giggling like a school girl* Awwww you’re too sweet.*

What’s your favorite song or anthem that pumps you up?

Oh man, I’m a music addict and this changes every few weeks ha-ha but…I’ll say “Like Moths to Flames”, a song called “GNF” or anything off their album, and “When We Don’t Exist”. 

*OMG!!! I’ve never met another person who knew who Like Moths to Flames are! Has my stalkee been stalking me? I hope so :P*

What else would you like to share with our readers?

Well. I would just like to first say thank you to everyone who has supported me. I am nothing in the industry without you. I will still do this no matter what, but you are what makes it count and keep me going. Please check out my site Http://, it will be linked to an online nutrition store and have all the newest information about what I’m doing: fitness and nutrition tips, pictures, merchandise eventually, and more….also, please like my fan page on Facebook!/pages/Bobby-momenteller/240785899267686 Join me there for the latest pics and info and everything I’m doing. I appreciate all the readers out there and hope to gain some new viewers from this. I appreciate everyone’s time! Heaven, thank you very much for having me; you’re amazing! 
Thank you so much, Mr. Momenteller, for sharing with us today. I’m sure after this, I’ll have plenty of competition when it comes to stalking your internet pages.

Where can our readers stalk you?
Http://!/pages/Bobby-Momenteller/240785899267686 Http://

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I've been getting a lot of messages asking me more about me personally recently so I thought I would share my author spotlight with everyone to give you more insight as to who I am. 

Heaven grew up in a home with a workaholic father, alcoholic mother, and two older siblings, where violence was not only the norm, but condoned. Craving positive recognition from her mother, by age eleven, she built a ruthless reputation. Shortly after, she found herself living a dangerous, gang affiliated life.

At the age of twelve, Heaven started down a rough path, when she was introduced to drugs. The drugs masked the physical pain caused from bumps and bruises acquired from her home life and street life. Suspension after suspension for fighting, Heaven dropped out of high school at the age of sixteen. With a lack of education, she saw no other options than to fall deeper into her drug induced existence.

By nineteen, she tired of the life. Ready to call it quits, she began making her rounds to unknowing friends and family, saying her good byes. Having escaped death multiple times, she knew to get the job done right, she would have to take herself out. Saving her mother’s house for last, she sat in the garage, unaware that before she could complete her task, she would meet a man that would turn her world upside down and right side in. That day she met her future husband, who not only helped her quit drugs and the gang life, but taught her what she was worth.

At age twenty-one, Heaven accomplished a feat beyond her wildest dreams. With scores in the top five percentile, she received her general education diploma. Confidence skyrocketing, she knew she wanted to do more than work the register at a gas station. With a deep love for the innocence of animals, she assumed she found her calling in a veterinary tech class. But the dry, monotone ramblings of text books failed to grasp her interest, and again, she found herself dropping out of school.

Feeling defeated, she turned her back from education completely and settled into her jobs as a mother, house wife and part-time cashier for the following eight years. During this time, she took up reading true crime novels during her free, time in between mopping floors, cooking dinner, and playing with Legos.  Weekly trips to the library became small vacations from her duties, and soon she was reading six to seven novels a week.

Every holiday, Heaven would receive the gift of a new tale of terror, until on her twenty-ninth birthday, when she received a vampire novel from her sister-in- aw. Far from her genre, she was reluctant to read the book. Six months and fifteen vampire stories later, Heaven was ready for something knew than the barrage of fanged, supernatural tales. After expressing this to her agitated sister-in-law, a challenge was made. “Like you could do better?”

With her ‘Oh yes I can!’ attitude, determination not to fail again, and support from her family, the challenge was accepted. Drawing on the story telling skills she acquired during her troubled youth, Heaven sat down at her computer and began weaving a saga that would forever change her life.

A task began out of spite, swiftly turned into a deep passion, previously unknown.  Writing became a drug with a high no drug or adrenaline rush could compare to.  Spending every free moment at the computer typing away for two months, her first manuscript was completed. Believing her hard work would go no further than family, she distributed copies printed from her home for friends and relatives. The positive response and feedback became overwhelming.

With a push from her husband and parent-in-laws, Heaven began submitting her manuscript to various publishing companies. It didn’t take long before replies poured in. Pulling on her fighting spirit she wasn’t going to let the denials get to her, and decided to fight back by educating herself.

Once again, with library card in hand, Heaven took to reading. This time, she checked out technical books on topics ranging from ‘How to Write’ all the way to ‘Grammar and Punctuation’, shrugging off the embarrassment of starting in the children’s sections. Four months and one revised manuscript later, Heaven began her assault of inquiries and pitch letters. Seventy-eight rejection letters later, she received an acceptance letter from Decadent Publishing.

One year later, at the age of thirty, she completed the editing stages of The Demon Side, releasing this October. Knowing now she has a future far beyond her past, Heaven continues her weekly trips to the library and furthering her self-education on the art of being a writer.
When she’s not kissing owies, climbing Mount Dishmore, or obsessing over her Facebook page, you can find her at the computer, revising or editing one of her five works in progress, or with her nose buried in a text book. Eleven years later, still clean, sober, unaffiliated, and happily married, Heaven reflects on her past, using her experiences to inspire her writing. Having lived in many states, she has now settled down in California with her husband, her son and a betta fish named Barry.

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 Welcome to the Follower Love Giveaway Hop. Almost 300 blogs are each hosting a giveaway as part of this hop which runs from February 7th to 14th.

I’m so ecstatic to be sitting down with Rahovart the Heir better known as Ra.* A huge thanks goes to Benjamin Russell ( Priapus for all their help and guidance during the interview. Lords knows sitting by yourself across from Ra can be scary!"

Me: “Good morning. Thanks for sitting down with me.”
Rahovart: “Welcome. Thanks for having me.”
Me: “I see today you’ve taken on a human form.”
Rahovart: “You’re perceptive, aren’t you?”
Me: “Okay then. Let’s start off with some fan questions.”
Rahovart: “This should be fun.”
Me: “If you’re not interested in doing the interview you can just leave.”
Rahovart: “What and miss all the excitement? No. I’ll think I’ll stay to straighten out some things. I know how you writers like making things up.”
Me: “Suit yourself. Okay first question comes from Katie. Since your age is unknown we are assuming you have been around for quite some time. What is your earliest memory?”
Rahovart: “My earliest memory is one the human mind could never fully comprehend without removing the veil. Since that is something I won’t do let’s move to the next question.”
Me: “Why did you fall from grace?”
Rahovart: “I killed my wife Abihail in a jealous rage.”
Me: “Is jealousy common among Angels?”
Rahovart: “All creatures feel emotions. Angels are just supposed to keep theirs in check.”
Me: “What made you so furious that you could no longer keep your emotions in check?”
Rahovart: “Nice try. You’ll just have to wait to find out.”
Me: “Do you kill humans or just take their soul?”
Rahovart: “Soul snatching is a myth made up by man to cover up his weaknesses and guilt. We Demons only push people into willingly giving it up. As for killing well that’s a different story. I have enough notches on my belt to keep the scales tilted in my favor.”
Me: “How is it you ‘push’ a person into giving you their soul?
Rahovart: “Every Demon has their own method but the fundamentals are the same for all of us. First, you slowly begin to break them down mentally. When the prey reaches the point of constant agitation and fear, they will tear down their personal relationships on their own. Physical illness sets in usually due to lack of nutrition leaving them completely vulnerable. Physically and mentally weak with no warm body to turn to for comfort and support leaves the Human more susceptible to our influences. All that needs to be done then is a few suggestions and voila, you have yourself a soul willing committing the sins needed to get a one way ticket to our gates.”
Me: “Couldn’t a person just pray and receive help and in turn foil your plot so to speak?”
Rahovart: “It’s been known to happen but what so many miss is how to do properly.”
Me: “And what exactly is your favorite method of killing?”
Rahovart: “Contrary to popular belief, physically harming a human resulting in their death is against the rules. No soul is worth a sentence to Purgatory. We can only help facilitate in their death.  My pleasure doesn’t come from killing. It comes from watching the moment they decide the only way out is to take their own life. The glaze in the eyes of a person about to slit his wrists is much more euphoric.”
Me: “How do you facilitate their death if you cannot physically kill them?”
Rahovart: “That answer is only limited to the Demons imagination. You can push them to suicide, knife fight in an alley, drunk driving and so much more. You have to remember all Celestial beings only make suggestions. It is up to the person to make the choice whether or not to listen.”
Me: “Is the killing or death of a person who willingly gives up their soul necessary?”
Rahovart: “Each soul has something completely different offer. Whether or not we need them dead or alive depends on what they have to offer. Where one man may be suited better in the Legion the other may be better suited as an assassin on Earth. One lives, one dies. It’s all the same to me really.”
Me: “An assassin on Earth?”
Rahovart: “You call them serial killers, mass murderers, and etcetera.”
Me: “Do you remember the first soul you ‘pushed’?”
Rahovart: “There are so many it is difficult for me to distinguish between them. One of my fondest memories was that in which I assisted the Puritans in nearly wiping out an entire race of Algonquians. Man turning on man, murder, rape, thievery and deceit ran rampant. Beautifully despicable creations were made. To put it plainly it was a soul buffet.”
Me: “Do you enjoy what you do? Or do you simply just do it because it is in your nature?”
Rahovart: “In my nature? It is in my nature no more than it is in yours. Like everything else in creation we exercise our free agency and choose what we wish our nature to be. Not always does it bring pleasure. After a time it gets rather boring and predicable.”
Me: “Free agency? I thought Demons were mindless zombies following the Devil’s every command.”
Rahovart: “I’ll ignore your insult this time with the warning you watch your tongue girl.”
Me: “Are you going to answer the question?”
Rahovart: “Both sides have their armies so think of it from a military stand point. In every army there is a chain of command. Orders travel down the line until they reach their intended soldier. It is up to that soldier to either comply or disobey his orders. Follow the orders and you may receive commendations. Should he choose to disobey he will suffer the consequences of his insubordination.”
Me: “What are the consequences of disobeying an order?”
Rahovart: The consequences range from case to case but there is one sentence Angels and Demon fear alike…Purgatory. I’ll go into further details about that in the book. I don’t have the time to explain it all to you right now.”
Me: “I look forward to learning more about it. So, is there one or more soul you regret or feel remorse for?”
Rahovart: “Next question.”
Me: “Is that a sore subject for you?”
Rahovart: “I said next question. Don’t you have a book to ask about?”
Me: “Does the remorse you feel make you question some of the choices you’ve made?”
Rahovart: “You’re a creature that spends your days worried about work, carpooling, PTA meetings and making your mortgage. Your life balances from one pay check to the next. So, with that tell me, is your conscious clear? Do you ever doubt the choices you’ve made? Of course you do. Guilt and doubt is force-fed down your throats and you eat it up. The only differences between you and I is Demons don’t carpool or attend PTA meetings.”
Me: “Okay. So we’ll move onto ‘The Demon Side’. The basis of the story is you’re trapped in a house with a young girl and her family. How does a Demon get trapped in a house?”
Rahovart: “I’m trapped on the property to be clear. Not just the house itself. You think Demons just torture mankind and go angel slaying? We fight amongst ourselves just the same as any other race. I was betrayed by Alastor the Executioner. Didn’t you read your own novel?”
Me: “Yes I did but this is for our fans to get to know your side of the story better.”
Rahovart: “Once Lucifer’s right-hand Demon I was entrusted as General over all Legions. Rumors circulated that should the Devil fail, I would inherit the underworld. Alastor is his left-hand Demon responsible for finding Lucifer a mate to bare his children. Not happy with my position over him Alastor plotted against me resulting in my banishment to Earth.”
Me: “After your banishment, you’re trapped for 500 years to the property before the Divads move in. Countless families must have lived there between those times. What is different about Etta than the other women and girls that lived in that home previously?”
Rahovart: “Ah. Etta.”
Me: “It’s nice to see you smile. So, what is it about her that makes you smile?”
Rahovart: “What doesn’t? For all of her flaws and weaknesses she has one of the strongest souls I’ve ever come across.”
Me: “Can you explain in further detail?”
Rahovart: “Despite being caught between two battling Demons, an alcoholic step-mother and a father who is at his wits end, she holds on to hope. She looks past what I am, showing me what the worlds can be. Etta’s light can make the darkest of souls shine brighter than the hottest of flames. Through her eyes, there is much more worth fighting for than just territory and poll positions.”  
Me: “Are you saying you can’t push her?”
Rahovart: “I’m not saying I couldn’t. I’m saying I won’t.”
Me: “You mentioned she is caught between two Demons. We know Etta moves into the house you’re trapped in. How does the other demon come about?”
Rahovart: “Etta’s father, John inadvertently released him from his prison while serving his country in Iraq. The demon he released chose to follow him home and took a strong liking to his daughter.”
Me: “Did you know this other Demon before he followed the Divad’s to Quantico?”
Rahovart: “Yes. John released Alastor the Executioner, the Demon responsible for my banishment.”
Me: “When you learned the other Demon is Alastor, what was your first thought? Revenge?”
Rahovart: “Surprisingly no. Revenge never crossed my mind. My first instinct was to protect Etta.”
Me: “Why is that?”
Rahovart: “By the time Etta came to Quantico, he had already left enough scars on her psyche. Knowing who and what he is could only mean he would escalate his torment of her in ways not even her soul could handle. I couldn’t allow her to be pushed let alone be pushed by the likes of him.”
Me: “Would you say you love Etta?”
Rahovart: “Do you love breathing?”
Me: “I’ll take that as a yes. Is there anything you would like our readers to know before we go?”
Rahovart: “This interview, as fun as it was, only scratched the surface of what is to come.”