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I love Flash Fiction Friday. One picture, one-hundred words, no more, no less. This week I decided to continue the story from last week's Flash Fiction Friday. For a recap click this link

Escaping the Sentinels, Benjamin pulled Kerrie into a darkened, empty warehouse. The shock of her confession fused into anger. She was a tracker: trained from birth, for one reason and one reason only; to kill Satyrs.

“On your knees.”  His growl sent chills down to her core. Aside from being exceptional lovers, Satyrs had a reputation for being ruthless killers.

“I’m so sorry.” Without question, she took to her knees, waiting his punishment. As he placed the blindfold on her, frightened, she reached for him.

“I’m not going to kill you. You want my forgiveness? Show me just how badly.”

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Six Sentence Sunday!!!

It's another Six Sentence Sunday. After being arrested for D.U.I and her husband John bailing her out, we find Rene in a not so good mood. One small remark from Etta sends Rene over a violent edge. Rahovart stands back watching the altercation between mother and step-daughter.

Every hit landed harder than the previous one. Watching the hate RenĂ© had for Etta in her eyes aroused me.That is, until a single tear fell from Etta’s frightened brown eyes. Something in me awoke as the tear splattered on the floor. A feeling I hadn’t encountered for as long as I could remember: rage. I suddenly had the urge to protect Etta.

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Author Spotlight Saturday! TESSA WANTON & 'THE TRAINING OF TESS'

Like most of my followers and readers, I am a blog hopper. I love seeing what other writers have to say and checking out their bodies of work. Recently, I stopped by my daily dose of and came across an author interview of Tessa Wanton, complete with bio and excerpt.

Just a few lines into the excerpt I knew I had to read this incredible book. I needed more. And what do you know; to my luck, the blog was having a giveaway. Now I never win anything. I sleep with my eyes partially open and I still couldn’t win in a staring contest.  So, you could imagine my surprise when I opened my email to find that I had won a copy of Tessa Wanton’s ‘The Training of Tess’.

After reading this totally awesome book I felt compelled to give it a review beyond posting “Dude it rocked!” on Facebook. So without further ado, I give to you my very first book review! ENJOY!!! 

The alluring talents of Tessa Wanton, making her writing debut with “THE TRAINING OF TESS” A sensual, erotic foray into the world of BDSM.

Tess had always been fascinated with the Dominant submissive lifestyle, and she was – she felt, a very submissive person.  In her real life people knew her as a feisty, headstrong and passionate woman; no one would ever have described her as submissive.  But then she had learned over time that being submissive didn’t mean she had to be a doormat, it meant to her that she wanted to hand over her control, her welfare, her safety, to someone else.  Throughout her life she had maintained an iron grip on her personal control, organized to the extreme in her work and home life, highly respected in her profession as a Personal Assistant, so used to controlling others to ensure success.   But what she truly wanted deep down inside, was a man who could take her to that special place of freedom she had heard and read so much about, to experience true freedom within her mind.
She had signed up to a lifestyle website to learn more about what it was to attain this   ‘sub-space’ she had heard about.  Peppering her profile with photographs she felt were ‘artistic’, and writing a personal passage about who she was had attracted plenty of admirers, but no one she had particularly connected with.  She wasn’t looking to find a soul mate, or even a playmate, just someone to discuss her thoughts and passions and desires with.   It was out of the blue that a message had dropped into her inbox. 
This intriguingly daring and fiery novella describes three encounters experienced by a young woman, who, whilst fascinated by BDSM throughout her life, had not had the courage or opportunity to experiment in the scene, until now...



What did I think of The Training of Tess?

Being a member of the BDSM community and living the lifestyle, I tend to steer clear of BDSM novels. All too often, I find the writer loses what the acts are truly about and focuses on the smut of the topic.

However, that is not the case in Tessa Wanton’s ‘The Training of Tess’.  After reading an excerpt and interview posted on, it proved impossible to not want to read ‘The Training of Tess’. Now I sit here writing this review absolutely thrilled that the reader in me, dying to know more, overrode my preconception of BDSM authors and novels.

Combined with vivid descriptions, realistic emotion and a sense of awareness, you can’t help but to share in Tess’s anticipation, fear and excitement as she explores a world much deeper than just getting a quick flogging. I found myself, following each moment like a stalker in the bushes wishing I were a part of Tess’s and Him’s interactions.  Tessa Wanton not only respectfully captured the sensuality and daring of the BDSM adventure, but she brought me back to the exhilarating high of my first time.

Recommendation: I give ‘The Training of Tess’ two huge thumbs up! Whether you’re an active member of the BDSM community or have no previous knowledge, Tessa Wanton eases you into each scene with her delicate, soft style of writing, making this a must read for any Erotic/Erotica reader!

Author Bio: Tessa Wanton

Throughout her life Tessa Wanton has always had her head buried in a book, spending much of her time in a fantasyland. She constantly looks to immerse herself in new experiences, meet new people and explore new lands, fictional or otherwise.
Having had an extensive musical background from early childhood, both performing and composition, she has always enjoyed creating art that stirs the emotions.
Her debut Novella, “The Training Of Tess”, leads an expansion of her creativity from her music into literature and she has many more incredibly passionate and titillating stories for Tess in progress, to be revealed shortly.
Tessa has been fascinated with the BDSM scene for many years, researching the content for her stories with close friends, who have been kind enough to be so open and share such intimate experiences. The influential information that inspired her most was the recollections her friends revealed.  She realized that what we all hear and see in the media about BDSM is always so violent and often times sadistic.  However, in reality, there is so much more of an emotional and intellectual connection, a willing and completely consensual trust and communication between partners, and this was the basis for the creation of her protagonists.
Is her namesake her? Perhaps she is. She certainly has the depth of emotions that Tessa feels and she hopes that Tessa’s experiences may perhaps change the reader’s views about the world of BDSM. Allow them to realize that there is so much more to explore within our sexualities than the mass media would have us believe.
Fans can keep up with Tessa Wanton on her blog page: or on Twitter:

Tessa fidgeted nervously as she smoothed the wrinkles from her figure-hugging pencil skirt. Shifting her gaze from the countryside rushing by, she glanced impatiently at her phone again; nothing. The last words she had read that morning from Him had been today is the day Tessa. She had scrolled up and down the list of messages she had received from Him countless times as she had sat there, double-checking and triple-checking to ensure that she would fulfill His instructions exactly. You will catch the 10:13 train to London, Victoria and alight when I tell you. You will then go to the front of the station and take the nearest taxi. Tell him to take you to Court Road. When you arrive there you will see two post boxes. Get out of the car, pay him and await instructions.
An involuntary shiver ran the full length of her spine as she sat on the train, waiting, anxious for that message. She perched on the edge of the seat, waiting for each stop, knowing she might have to dash for the door to make sure she didn’t miss the stop. Suddenly, her phone vibrated in her trembling hand. Now it said and with that Tessa stood and moved to the door. She appraised her reflection in the glass of the door – green satin blouse, black cardigan, black pencil skirt, sheer black nylons and her comfortable black slip on patent heels. He had requested she wear her turquoise underwear for their meeting, so Tessa had thought that accessorizing her flame red hair with a forest green blouse would also please Him. She had an insatiable need to please this man like nothing she had ever felt before.
He had crashed headlong into her life some three weeks earlier. Tessa had always been fascinated with the Dominant/submissive lifestyle, and she was – she felt, a very submissive person. In her real life people knew her as a feisty, headstrong and passionate woman; no one would ever have described her as submissive. But then she had learned over time, that being submissive didn’t mean she had to be a doormat, it meant to her that she wanted to hand over her control, her welfare, her safety, to someone else. Throughout her life she had maintained an iron grip on her personal control, organized to the extreme in her work and home life, highly respected in her profession as a Personal Assistant, so used to controlling others to ensure success. But what she truly wanted deep down inside, was a man who could take her to that special place of freedom she had heard and read so much about. To experience true freedom within her mind.
She had signed up to a BDSM lifestyle website to learn more about what it was to attain this ‘sub-space’ she had heard about. Peppering her profile with photographs she felt were ‘artistic’, and writing a personal passage about who she was had attracted plenty of admirers, but no one she had particularly connected with. She wasn’t looking to find a soul mate, or even a playmate, just someone to discuss her thoughts and passions and desires with. It was out of the blue that a message had dropped into her inbox. He handled each conversation they had with courtesy and interest, drawing more and more information out of her without her even realizing. Or maybe she did and she was already walking towards this man instinctively, already feeling the urge to please Him in any way He desired. She couldn’t place when her thoughts turned to Him entirely- it wasn’t long after they had started talking. He had even managed to find out where she worked, and after a few days of messaging back and forth, He called her anonymously at her desk. He had used a fake name to convince reception to pass Him through to her, and when He spoke, He had teased her with His low voice pressed to her ear. “Imagine this voice Tessa, speaking in your ear in person, knowing that whatever I say next, you must submit without question...” At that point Tessa felt the intense pangs of fear and panic that she had been hunted down so easily, what else did this man know about her in but a few days? She did not even know His name.
Two days later she met Him for the first time. She had just had a difficult meeting in the city and had been dropped off at the local car pool to collect her car when she had been pressed firmly against her door from behind.
“Hello Tessa” He had breathed in her ear, “I suggest you get in my car.” Near paralyzed with fear she turned slowly and looked straight into intense sparkling brown eyes, flecked with green, there was no way she would deny Him, all of her life-long fantasies were coming true. They had gone to a local park, where He had run His hands over her shaking body, entwined His fingers in her hair and pulled her to His lips where they kissed deeply and passionately, her body melting further with each kiss and caress. His hands were so gentle, but firm enough to know that there really was no escape. He worked over her clothed body, gradually relaxing her until He slipped His hand under her top and slid His fingers inside the lacy material of her bra, slowly releasing her right breast. Her heaving chest betrayed her fear and lust, a deep red flush creeping across her as He leaned in and sucked her nipple deep into His mouth. She moaned loudly, eyes closing and arching her back to push into Him, taking her so close to the edge of climax then instinctively stopping His exploration of her body. Pulling away from her, He held her gaze, fingers once more tightly wrapped in her hair.
“I am going to enjoy you,” He uttered as she gasped to regain her composure. Every word He spoke to her was like a lightning bolt straight to her sex. Deep and powerful, she had to know more about Him whatever the cost.

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Flash Fiction Friday!!!!!!!

Yes! Another Flash Fiction Friday. One photo. One hundred words. One story.

“Untie me right now Kerrie.”

      She knew better, so close to the change, to release him. Looking into his milky chocolate eyes, guilt swarmed her. These past few days with Benjamin had been the hottest, wettest, most passionate days in her whole Tracker existence.

      Her loins craved his touch, but she had a job to do. She had to keep this vile creature from spreading his seed. At least, that is what she told herself, awaiting the Sentinels. With a last glance, she couldn’t ignore the fluttering in her stomach. She loved him.  They would have to run, together.


Lisa Worrall :
Muffy Wilson  : 
Heaven Liegh Eldeen  :

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Excerpt from The Demon Side

I flashed to our room. It felt so strange thinking of it as “our” room, as if we were college buddies. Etta emptied the box she’d been carrying earlier. Inside were nine thick books. Etta carefully removed each one and placed them on the white wicker vanity that the previous girl had picked out for her sweet sixteen. Ugh—there’d been nothing sweet about that girl. More guys snuck through her window than people served at a McDonald’s drive-thru. Etta would be a welcome change from the walking STD that was the previous occupant. After carefully resting her guitar against the side of the desk, Etta plopped down on her twin size white wicker bed and stared off into space. 

 I walked over to the desk to see just what a damaged girl would read. I half expected to find a copy of Thorin’s Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing. She could be a goth girl, like the last few emotionally damaged kids that lived here. I didn’t find Thorin’s work or any other emo-oriented items on her desk. But I had seen her books before. A lot of the psychics I’d met through the years used them for their babble. Demonology for Dummies, Spiritual Cleansing, Exorcising Demons, the Holy Bible, Dante’s Inferno, The Complete Book of Devils and Demons, Angels and Demons, Dispelling Poltergeists, and my personal favorite, So Your House is Haunted. None of those books ever worked against me. Hell, I’ve even used the books against the tarts who believed in their false practices. What are the chances that a girl who reads this garbage moves into a house with an actual Demon?
“Here you go baby.” Mr. Divad’s voice cracked as he handed Etta two yellow pills and a Pepsi. Etta’s episode seemed to have shaken him up. Surprising, considering he seemed to be a hardcore Marine who had probably seen and done as many horrible things as I have. Maybe I didn’t do a good enough walkthrough on him. I’d have to dig deeper into him.
“Dad? Can I ask you something?”
“Fire away, baby,” Mr. Divad said.
“You remember what I said about happy thoughts?” Etta’s voice was low and sheepish. Whatever she was talking about, she appeared embarrassed mentioning it.
“Yes?” Mr. Divad looked puzzled. I became intrigued by their awkward body language. Maybe this conversation would give a little bit of dirt that I could use later.
 “Can we do that here, too? Just for a little bit until we settle down?”
“Sure thing baby, but we really need to work past all of that. Why don’t you get some rest? I’ll bring the rest of the stuff in.” Mr. Divad kissed Etta on her forehead and exited the room.
 Happy thoughts! She wanted to block me from gathering more information. I thought I felt a hint of anger, but I wasn’t going to lose the upper hand in my own house. I couldn’t give her a chance to block me out. With any luck, her father wouldn’t honor Etta’s request.
“Don’t you dare,” Etta said, but before she could get up I had already caught up to her dad. Flashes of Etta screaming, blood, hospital rooms, and pain filled Mr. Divad. Of everything a forty-something-year-old Marine could have possibly gone through, all he saw was his daughter’s pain? Oh, there must have been something else going on. Viewing the flashes, I stopped at one that I had seen before. I watched the scene play out.

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Interview with John Divad from The Demon Side!

Today I am sitting down with Master Gunnery Sergeant John Divad, from The Demon Side. I have to admit, I am more excited about this interview than any other. Always the rock, trying desperately to hold his family and career together, John handles every situation thrown at him with the grace of a bull in a china shop, but also with the purest of intentions. I can’t help but to feel for the guy and root him on, as he finds himself battling against his invisible enemies; his wife’s alcoholism and his daughter’s Schizophrenia. 

Me: “Good morning John. How are you doing?”

John: “I am doing just fine, Ma’am. And yourself?”

Me: “Good, thank you. But please, call me Heaven. Ma’am makes me feel old.”

John: “Suit yourself Ma’am, I mean Heaven.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I have to ask first and foremost, why did you join the Marine Corps?”

John: “Growing up on a cattle farm in Chino Valley, Arizona doesn’t leave you many options. You either, work the farms, join the rodeo or you move on. I moved to Phoenix when I was 17, shortly after graduating high school, where I got a job at a fast food restaurant.
Working the late shift one evening, my nose was busted to hell, during a robbery of the restaurant. Unable to afford proper health care, I went to a clinic next to a recruiting center. Waiting to see the doctor, I struck up a conversation with a Marine Corps recruiter, who was standing outside smoking a cigarette. Next thing I know, a few days later, I’m walking on yellow painted foot prints, with some guy yelling at me.”
Me: “What is your current occupation with the Marine Corps?”

John: “My current MOS, excuse me, Military Occupational Specialty, is 0171 Manpower Information Systems Analyst.”

Me: “What is that, exactly?”

John: “Typical duties of MIS analyst include research, procedural or system problem solving for reporting units, monitoring completion of class I systems cyclic updates, and conducting educational/training contact visits to both active and reserve reporting units within the regional jurisdiction.”

Me: “That’s a mouthful. Have you always been an MIS Analyst, as you put it?”

John: “No. Originally, I served as a 0369 Infantry Unit Leader.”

Me: “Why did you change jobs in the middle of your career?”

John: “Due to poor decision making, on my part, I was recently demoted to the rank of Master Gunnery Sergeant and transferred to my current duty station, Marine Corps Base Quantico. With the new transfer, came a new job.”
Me: “What decision landed you in the military’s hot seat?”

John: “I made a decision that cost the lives of innocent people. That is all the further I will go into the matter.”

Me: “Okay, moving on then. How long ago did your first wife, Etta’s mother, pass away?”

John: “She died eight years ago, in a car accident. She was hit by a drunk driver.”

Me: “How did that affect you and your career?”

John: “Her death destroyed me on the inside. Finding solace in my work, my career flourished.”

Me: “How did you come about to marrying your decease wife’s best friend?”

John: “I get a lot of disgusted looks for that decision, but the answer is simple. Shortly after my wife’s death, I was deployed to Iraq. Rene took care of Etta, as if she were her own, while I was gone. We talked on the phone and emailed each other as much as I possibly could. We became very close through our grief and love for Etta over those eighteen months.
She knew my life, the sacrifices it required and I knew hers. Most importantly, Etta loved her. Though she lost her mother, she still had a feminine figure to lean on. It only made perfect sense to marry her and bring back a sense a family dynamic to our lives.”

Me: “When you married Rene, did you know she was an alcoholic?”

John: “Rene didn’t drink before we were married. She started with a glass of wine with dinner every night. I didn’t realize there was a problem until our one year anniversary. There had been this restaurant she had been dying to go to, some fancy French place. I made reservations five months in advance, hired a limo, and bought this tennis bracelet that cost me three months wages. She wanted romance and I was going to give it to her.
Unfortunately, the restaurant had quite the wine list. Instead of enjoying a nice, well prepared meal, I watched her drink her dinner. The more I protested the more she knocked back. At the end of the night, I had to carry her out of the restaurant. She was so blitzed, half way home, I had to pull over to the side of the road and force my fingers down her throat to get her to throw up the booze.  We spent the rest of the evening in the E.R, while she was treated for alcohol poisoning.”

Me: “And how do you feel about her alcoholism, now?”

John: “I hate it. I have never been much of a drinker. I don’t enjoy not having control of my body or mind. It is hard for me to understand how someone, especially as strong minded as Rene, could give into it so deeply. It doesn’t make the home life any easier either. Between her and Etta, I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle.”

Me: “There are options to help treat her disease. Have you thought about admitting her into a rehab or out-patient program?”

John: “I’ve tried, but as the old saying goes ‘You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it sober up.’ sums up my success with her treatments.”

Me: “At what age was Etta when she was diagnosed with Schizophrenia?”

John: “That’s the beautifully messed up part about it all. I got slammed with Etta’s diagnosis three days after my one year anniversary and a month shy of Etta’s twelfth birthday.”

Me: “What caused you take her in to get diagnosed?”

John: “While I shoved my fingers down Rene’s throat, my daughter was busy chasing imaginary demons with a butcher knife, throughout her babysitter’s house, which I wasn’t made aware of until weeks later, through a friend.
 When I picked her up from the babysitter’s, she had been acting strangely. My little girl didn’t run up, arms open for a hug, screaming “My devil doggie!” as she always did since she could talk.  Instead, I got a cold “Can we go now?” She wouldn’t let me grab her overnight bag, let alone allow me near her.
I attempted to talk to her, but she would only ramble on about bad demons and ghosts trying to touch her. I first assumed she had been sexually assaulted. Before going to the babysitter’s house and killing everyone in it, I took her into medical for an exam. You could imagine my surprise when the doctor came out saying everything was intact, no abuse occurred, but recommends she see a psychiatrist.”

Me: “Almost twelve, you say? That’s pretty young for such a diagnosis?”
John: “Diseases don’t care how old you are. They don’t care about your race, your religion, the clothes you wear or the amount of money you make. They do not discriminate, period. Man could actually learn a lot from them.”

Me: “There is a scene in The Demon Side in which Rene physically attacks Etta. What are your feelings on that?”

John: “Most of the time…I’m confused about it. With the fire tornado that their diseases create, you would never have guessed that, they were once tighter than two ticks on a dog’s nuts.”

Me: “How do you handle your deployments knowing you’re leaving a wife and daughter alone, together?”

John: “It helps having a support system. Before any deployment, I make sure I have plenty of people checking in on my girls, everyone from friends to social workers. The Marine Corp helps out a lot with this as well. All the different updates can be draining, especially when you have a social worker telling you one thing, and your wife or daughter, telling you another. But, I’m there with a job to do. If I don’t keep my head in the game, I may not come home with one.”

Me: “And Etta’s demons? What do you think of those?”

John: “Demons are the fabrication of a young mind that has been...wired different than most.”

Me: “You don’t believe your daughter sees Demons?”
John: “Absolutely not. I won’t indulge in this line of questioning any further.”

Me: “Alright. I have a question here from Katie Harper. She asks “Describe a perfect day.”

John: “A perfect day consists of waking up, putting on my slippers and being greeted by happy, healthy versions of my wife and daughter.”

Me: “Again this question is from Katie Harper. “If you could be granted one wish, what would it be?”
John: “Just once, I would like to have a perfect day.”

Me: "The following questions come from Amy Schmidt. “John, who or what, inspires you?”

John: “Definitely my family. The drive me to be the best husband, father and Marine, I can be. Without them, I’m just a Jar-head on auto-pilot.”

Me: “Does anything scare you?”

John: “There are many things in this world that terrify me. Going to war, losing my family, ruining my perfect credit score, and spiders, are all things that scare me. 

Me: “With all the stressors in your life, what do you do to relax?”

John: “I eat candy, lots and lots of candy.”

Me: “Which candies are your favorites?”

John: “It depends on my mood and what’s going on. Hershey’s Special Dark is good for the days I want to ring someone’s neck. Payday bars are great anytime time of day. Tootsie Pops, I really enjoy when I’m deployed, they don’t melt. If I have to narrow it down to one though, my all-time favorite would have to be Tootsie Rolls. I’ll admit when I get one in an MRE, I get excited like a little boy on Christmas morning.”

Me: “Is there anything you would like to add before we conclude our interview?”

John: “No Ma’am. Nothing comes to mind. I think we covered enough bases for now. Plus, I don’t want to go off ruining the story. The book will be out soon enough.”

Want to know more? Be sure to check out The Demon Side, releasing October 21st, 2011!! Next week, we will be doing a Bio and Interview with the infamously, wicked step-mother, Rene! Have a question you’re dying to ask her? Leave your question in the comment box below or hit me up at

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Meet the Cast Monday

Today's bio is on one of my personal heroes, John Divad, a hardcore Marine who has strong family values. With unconventional tactics, John attempts everything in his power to keep his family and career from unraveling. But, sharing a home with an alcoholic wife, schizophrenic daughter, and an ultimate battle of good versus evil taking place in his attic, is enough for any man to lose his cool. I have to admit, of all the characters in The Demon Side, John Divad is the one I look forward to interviewing most. Once you get to know him a little bit better, I am sure you will understand why that is. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I give to you the bio of John Divad.

Name: John E. Divad

Nickname: Gunny

Rank: Master Gunnery Sergeant, U.S.M.C
Birthdate: Only birthday you need to know is November 10th, 1775, the Marine Corps birthday.

Age: 47

Height: 5’8

Weight: 180 pounds

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Sandy Blonde

Facial Hair: None

Race: Caucasian
Religion: Inactive

Marital Status: Widower/ Remarried

Children: 1

Occupation: United States Marine Corps

Distinguishing Marks: EGA (right peck), Dagger wrapped with ribbon stating ‘Death before Dishonor’ (Left Peck), U.S.M.C (across shoulders), English bulldog wearing Drill cover (middle of back), Devil Dawgs (lower back)

Motto: Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful)

Favorite Quote: Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Marines don't have that problem. (Ronald Reagan, President of the United States; 1985)

Last Tweet/Facebook Status Update:  None. Social Networking on the World Wide Web is as useful as an M-9 with no ammunition.

Last song played on your IPod: Proud Mary by CCR. Anything by CCR, really.

Favorite Song: Mercy Seat by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Favorite Movie: Mary Poppins (laugh, and I’ll slit your throat, before you have a chance to blink.)

Favorite Cartoon Character: Hands down, the Chicken Hawk.

Favorite Weapon: M-203 is tied with M-249 SAW

Best Friend: My M-16A

Worst enemy: My daughter’s Schizophrenia

10 things we should know about you:

10) I hate pizza.

9) I love Chinese take-out

8) In my youth, I rode an imaginary motorcycle, for six months.

7) I met my first wife at a wedding, some buddies and I crashed, 
after graduating Marine Corps Basic Training.

6) I enjoy people watching.

5) I do not keep guns in my house.

4) I sleep with a knife under my pillow.

3) Jell-O freaks me out.

2) Candy calms me down.
1) I hide candy bars throughout my home and my office.

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Six Sentence Sunday

During the Divad's tour of the home for sale, Rahovart learns Etta sees more than just the wood trim throughout the home.

“Could you move please?” Etta whispered. 
Without even thinking, I moved to the side and allowed her to walk past me. I spun around, dumbfounded, as she walked to join her father in the last bedroom. There was absolutely no way she could have seen my physical form. In all of my five hundred years stuck in this disgusting place, I have never had another being see me without me allowing it. They could feel my breath or my cold sensation, but only when I allowed them to.

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About the Author Saturday: You asked...I answered!

Yay, it’s another About the Author Saturday. I love all of the questions I get on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Hopefully, today I can get through a majority of them. If you have a question you would like to ask, shoot it my way!

 The first round of questions comes from Benjamin Russell, an incredibly, out-of-this-world talented writer. (I think he sold his soul to devil for his mad writing skills!) You should definitely check out his blog (after mine of course) at Okay, now to the questions of doom.

Heaven Liegh Eldeen, please tell us the story behind your name?

 Growing up, I have heard numerous accounts as to how my mother came to naming me Heaven Liegh. There is one story that always stuck with me, and based on the emotional state my mother entered when telling it, I believe it to be the true account of my namesake. The condensed version of this magnificent story is, that after a difficult delivery, my mother gave birth to a stillborn baby girl. Sometime later, I was revived and awoke. Upon seeing my eyes open for the first time, my mother gasped, “She’s seen Heaven.”

Do you have a prepared, scripted response when people inevitably ask you if Heaven is your real name?

I do. It’s standard, in the odd-ball name club, to have a prepared answer to the questioning of unique names. “Yes it is my real name. No I am not a stripper or prostitute. Nor have I ever been either. My mother just had a sick sense of humor, knowing I could never live up to it.” I suppose, now being a published author, I should work on a more polite response to that question.

How does an author named Heaven end up writing a book about Demons?

I get this question a lot. The answer is really silly.  My husband loves to watch scary movies. I do not. Over the years, I’ve developed a system that keeps me from running through the house turning on every light and forcing my husband to hold my hand while using the restroom. Instead of paying attention to the movie, I go off to la-la land in my head. The movie we watched that particular night had something to do with a demon haunting a house. At least I think that’s what it was about. I wasn’t paying attention. Next thing I know, two hours later, The Demon Side began to take shape.

What do your friends and family say about your budding writing career?

I receive tons of support and accolades from a majority of my friends and family, but I also get a fair share of “eh, whatever.” 

Does your family have issues with the subject matter of your book?

I thought they would have serious issues at first, especially since I didn’t follow popular beliefs about religious rules when I was writing The Demon Side. Much to my surprise though, they quite enjoyed the change up and my take on the subject.

What kind of books do you read and who are some of your favorite authors?

I am a hard core true-crime reader. I love diving into the stories of wickedly sick serial killers and whack jobs who think they can off their spouse for money without getting caught. No one, in my opinion, can capture these twisted individuals essence quite as well as Ann Rule and Harold Schechter.

 Our next round of questions comes from various fans via Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.

Did you study to become a writer? If so, what did you major in?

No. I did not study to become a writer. I’ve seen the inside of a college classroom once, but dropped out after two classes. I was majoring in Accounting.

How do you balance being a writer, a mother, a wife and everything else?

It is easy to get overwhelmed when you list it like that. How I keep from pulling my teeth out and knocking out someone’s hair is quite simple really ,I never write when my son is home. He has radar that knows the exact moment I sit down at the computer, and suddenly he has a million questions or things to show me.

As for maintaining my responsibilities as a housewife (a.k.a. Domestic Engineer) while trying to write, is even simpler, I set a timer for one hour. When it goes off, I get up from the computer, stretch and off to climb Mount Dishmore. When that is finished, I reset my timer. One hour later, I get up stretch, and being my ethnic cleansing of Dust Bunnies, and so on and so forth. Now, when it comes to the husband, which can be tricky since, I never know what plans he has in store when he comes home from work, I play that by ear.

When does your book release?

The Demon Side releases October 21st, 2011, thanks to Decadent Publishing!!! 

What are your plans after the release of The Demon Side?

I plan on writing, writing, and writing. I still have five other novels in the works, so I don’t plan on slowing down.

Friday, September 16, 2011




“Yes, Eve?”

“What happened to everything? What happened to Eden?”

“Man has grown.” Adam clenched her hand tightly within his in an attempt to comfort his mate. Eve desperately search her surroundings in hopes to find of remnant of the home she once knew and loved.

“But where are all of the beautiful trees, the rainbow of wildflowers? Where are all of god’s creatures, Adam?”

“They had to move to give way for man’s progress.”

“I’m scared Adam.”

“Have no fear Eve, for the rain tells us God is still near and I am forever with you.”

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Interview with a Demon

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 I’m so ecstatic to be sitting down with Rahovart the Heir better known as Ra.* A huge thanks goes to Benjamin Russell ( Priapus for all their help and guidance during the interview. Lords knows sitting by yourself across from Ra can be scary!"

Me: “Good morning. Thanks for sitting down with me.”
Rahovart: “Welcome. Thanks for having me.”
Me: “I see today you’ve taken on a human form.”
Rahovart: “You’re perceptive, aren’t you?”
Me: “Okay then. Let’s start off with some fan questions.”
Rahovart: “This should be fun.”
Me: “If you’re not interested in doing the interview you can just leave.”
Rahovart: “What and miss all the excitement? No. I’ll think I’ll stay to straighten out some things. I know how you writers like making things up.”
Me: “Suit yourself. Okay first question comes from Katie. Since your age is unknown we are assuming you have been around for quite some time. What is your earliest memory?”
Rahovart: “My earliest memory is one the human mind could never fully comprehend without removing the veil. Since that is something I won’t do let’s move to the next question.”
Me: “Why did you fall from grace?”
Rahovart: “I killed my wife Abihail in a jealous rage.”
Me: “Is jealousy common among Angels?”
Rahovart: “All creatures feel emotions. Angels are just supposed to keep theirs in check.”
Me: “What made you so furious that you could no longer keep your emotions in check?”
Rahovart: “Nice try. You’ll just have to wait to find out.”
Me: “Do you kill humans or just take their soul?”
Rahovart: “Soul snatching is a myth made up by man to cover up his weaknesses and guilt. We Demons only push people into willingly giving it up. As for killing well that’s a different story. I have enough notches on my belt to keep the scales tilted in my favor.”
Me: “How is it you ‘push’ a person into giving you their soul?
Rahovart: “Every Demon has their own method but the fundamentals are the same for all of us. First, you slowly begin to break them down mentally. When the prey reaches the point of constant agitation and fear, they will tear down their personal relationships on their own. Physical illness sets in usually due to lack of nutrition leaving them completely vulnerable. Physically and mentally weak with no warm body to turn to for comfort and support leaves the Human more susceptible to our influences. All that needs to be done then is a few suggestions and voila, you have yourself a soul willing committing the sins needed to get a one way ticket to our gates.”
Me: “Couldn’t a person just pray and receive help and in turn foil your plot so to speak?”
Rahovart: “It’s been known to happen but what so many miss is how to do properly.”
Me: “And what exactly is your favorite method of killing?”
Rahovart: “Contrary to popular belief, physically harming a human resulting in their death is against the rules. No soul is worth a sentence to Purgatory. We can only help facilitate in their death.  My pleasure doesn’t come from killing. It comes from watching the moment they decide the only way out is to take their own life. The glaze in the eyes of a person about to slit his wrists is much more euphoric.”
Me: “How do you facilitate their death if you cannot physically kill them?”
Rahovart: “That answer is only limited to the Demons imagination. You can push them to suicide, knife fight in an alley, drunk driving and so much more. You have to remember all Celestial beings only make suggestions. It is up to the person to make the choice whether or not to listen.”
Me: “Is the killing or death of a person who willingly gives up their soul necessary?”
Rahovart: “Each soul has something completely different offer. Whether or not we need them dead or alive depends on what they have to offer. Where one man may be suited better in the Legion the other may be better suited as an assassin on Earth. One lives, one dies. It’s all the same to me really.”
Me: “An assassin on Earth?”
Rahovart: “You call them serial killers, mass murderers, and etcetera.”
Me: “Do you remember the first soul you ‘pushed’?”
Rahovart: “There are so many it is difficult for me to distinguish between them. One of my fondest memories was that in which I assisted the Puritans in nearly wiping out an entire race of Algonquians. Man turning on man, murder, rape, thievery and deceit ran rampant. Beautifully despicable creations were made. To put it plainly it was a soul buffet.”
Me: “Do you enjoy what you do? Or do you simply just do it because it is in your nature?”
Rahovart: “In my nature? It is in my nature no more than it is in yours. Like everything else in creation we exercise our free agency and choose what we wish our nature to be. Not always does it bring pleasure. After a time it gets rather boring and predicable.”
Me: “Free agency? I thought Demons were mindless zombies following the Devil’s every command.”
Rahovart: “I’ll ignore your insult this time with the warning you watch your tongue girl.”
Me: “Are you going to answer the question?”
Rahovart: “Both sides have their armies so think of it from a military stand point. In every army there is a chain of command. Orders travel down the line until they reach their intended soldier. It is up to that soldier to either comply or disobey his orders. Follow the orders and you may receive commendations. Should he choose to disobey he will suffer the consequences of his insubordination.”
Me: “What are the consequences of disobeying an order?”
Rahovart: The consequences range from case to case but there is one sentence Angels and Demon fear alike…Purgatory. I’ll go into further details about that in the book. I don’t have the time to explain it all to you right now.”
Me: “I look forward to learning more about it. So, is there one or more soul you regret or feel remorse for?”
Rahovart: “Next question.”
Me: “Is that a sore subject for you?”
Rahovart: “I said next question. Don’t you have a book to ask about?”
Me: “Does the remorse you feel make you question some of the choices you’ve made?”
Rahovart: “You’re a creature that spends your days worried about work, carpooling, PTA meetings and making your mortgage. Your life balances from one pay check to the next. So, with that tell me, is your conscious clear? Do you ever doubt the choices you’ve made? Of course you do. Guilt and doubt is force-fed down your throats and you eat it up. The only differences between you and I is Demons don’t carpool or attend PTA meetings.”
Me: “Okay. So we’ll move onto ‘The Demon Side’. The basis of the story is you’re trapped in a house with a young girl and her family. How does a Demon get trapped in a house?”
Rahovart: “I’m trapped on the property to be clear. Not just the house itself. You think Demons just torture mankind and go angel slaying? We fight amongst ourselves just the same as any other race. I was betrayed by Alastor the Executioner. Didn’t you read your own novel?”
Me: “Yes I did but this is for our fans to get to know your side of the story better.”
Rahovart: “Once Lucifer’s right-hand Demon I was entrusted as General over all Legions. Rumors circulated that should the Devil fail, I would inherit the underworld. Alastor is his left-hand Demon responsible for finding Lucifer a mate to bare his children. Not happy with my position over him Alastor plotted against me resulting in my banishment to Earth.”
Me: “After your banishment, you’re trapped for 500 years to the property before the Divads move in. Countless families must have lived there between those times. What is different about Etta than the other women and girls that lived in that home previously?”
Rahovart: “Ah. Etta.”
Me: “It’s nice to see you smile. So, what is it about her that makes you smile?”
Rahovart: “What doesn’t? For all of her flaws and weaknesses she has one of the strongest souls I’ve ever come across.”
Me: “Can you explain in further detail?”
Rahovart: “Despite being caught between two battling Demons, an alcoholic step-mother and a father who is at his wits end, she holds on to hope. She looks past what I am, showing me what the worlds can be. Etta’s light can make the darkest of souls shine brighter than the hottest of flames. Through her eyes, there is much more worth fighting for than just territory and poll positions.”  
Me: “Are you saying you can’t push her?”
Rahovart: “I’m not saying I couldn’t. I’m saying I won’t.”
Me: “You mentioned she is caught between two Demons. We know Etta moves into the house you’re trapped in. How does the other demon come about?”
Rahovart: “Etta’s father, John inadvertently released him from his prison while serving his country in Iraq. The demon he released chose to follow him home and took a strong liking to his daughter.”
Me: “Did you know this other Demon before he followed the Divad’s to Quantico?”
Rahovart: “Yes. John released Alastor the Executioner, the Demon responsible for my banishment.”
Me: “When you learned the other Demon is Alastor, what was your first thought? Revenge?”
Rahovart: “Surprisingly no. Revenge never crossed my mind. My first instinct was to protect Etta.”
Me: “Why is that?”
Rahovart: “By the time Etta came to Quantico, he had already left enough scars on her psyche. Knowing who and what he is could only mean he would escalate his torment of her in ways not even her soul could handle. I couldn’t allow her to be pushed let alone be pushed by the likes of him.”
Me: “Would you say you love Etta?”
Rahovart: “Do you love breathing?”
Me: “I’ll take that as a yes. Is there anything you would like our readers to know before we go?”
Rahovart: “This interview, as fun as it was, only scratched the surface of what is to come.”