Sunday, September 18, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

During the Divad's tour of the home for sale, Rahovart learns Etta sees more than just the wood trim throughout the home.

“Could you move please?” Etta whispered. 
Without even thinking, I moved to the side and allowed her to walk past me. I spun around, dumbfounded, as she walked to join her father in the last bedroom. There was absolutely no way she could have seen my physical form. In all of my five hundred years stuck in this disgusting place, I have never had another being see me without me allowing it. They could feel my breath or my cold sensation, but only when I allowed them to.


  1. Sounds like a ghost. Loved your six.

  2. Oooo good one. He`s a spirit or ghost I take it and she just saw through to speak. Good job. Interesting.

  3. Excellant six! Never underestimate a woman's HeavenLiegh powers:) xo

  4. "Could you move please?" Etta is so polite to her demon. I can't wait to read this!!