Wednesday, December 7, 2011


25.) I collect postcards. To date I have over 400 of them. Most are from places I have been but some have come from friends and family.

24.) I used to collect key chains. I once had over 1500 of them. The funny part is I wore them all on a chain hanging off my pants with one house key. I could never find the thing.

23.) My all-time favorite movie is a tie between Mary Poppins and My Fair Lady. I know all the songs in both!

22.) I hold the record in my Jr. High school for the most fights in one school year.

21.) I am obsessed with serial killers. If there is a book about one I’ve probably read it. If there is one I haven’t read let me know so I can buy it.

20.) I literally cannot go a day without listening to music. I’d go insane!

19.) My favorite T.V. show is Teen Mom 2. That one I have no explanation for.

18.) I have a severe OCD when it comes to putting groceries away and loading a dishwasher. It annoys me to no end when people put meat next to vegetables and spoons with forks.

17.) When I’m feeling low I pull out a Thomas Kinkade puzzle. He makes everything prettier.

16.) I have over 40 Thomas Kinkade puzzle hanging up on my walls.
His actual hair! So Jealous!
15.) I’m jealous of my brother, Richie’s hair. It’s so pretty and silky!

14.) I hate the word wonton. It doesn’t matter how you use it. I truly dislike the word.

13.) The series of books that started me in my writing career is The House of the Night series by Kirsten and P.C. Cast.

12.) I once accidentally pooped on my husband foot eleven years ago. He still brings it up!

11.) I can bend my thumbs behind the knuckle of my forefingers and type. It used to gross people out in my High School computer lab.

10.) I refuse to try sushi or sashimi. The thought of raw fish and sea weed terrifies me.

9.) My favorite Iron Chef is Masaharu Morimoto. I would eat his Sushi!

8.) I am a great cook. No one really knows that since my husband does all the cooking when we have guests over because he’s not a social person.

7.) I can make a sexual comment out of just about anything. I was born with a gutter brain.

6.) When it comes to talking dirty during sex, I suck. I once used the word Va-jay-jay and killed the whole mood. So I keep my mouth shut now.

Kodiak, Alaska
5.) My dream is to own property and live in Alaska.

4.) I have been and lived in every state in the union except Alaska.

3.) Almost all of my jewelry has a Fleur-de-lie on it. My house is covered in them too.

2.) I avoid talking on the phone like the plague. If a friend calls I’ll let it go to voice mail then text them back.

1.) I have never met the people I consider to be my best friends in person. We text or facebook it.

So there is 25 thing you may have not known about me. If you’d like to know more, just ask! I am an open book. I even have pop up pages. But if you really want to know what goes on in my head, check out my novella The Demon Side, now available in most Ereader formats!


  1. What an interesting and amusing list. #12 had me spitting out my coffee. #10 had me saying, "Whuutt!" because i absolutely love sushi. I would eat it every day if I could. #6 was hilarious. va-jay-jay is a funny word. And I use it quite often, but not when talking dirty. *snicker* I am with you on #2. I hate talking on the phone. My friends get mad at me for texting but that just how prefer to communicate. Unless it's an emergency. *grin* Had fun reading this post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. My daughter, Allee, wants the House of Night series.From your top list, sounds like its good choice.;)

  3. Interesting post Heaven... :I drop jawed at #12: and I'm still trying to figure out how on earth...and yet... I don't wanna know, I really, really don't :LOL:

    Your brother has amazing hair and some nice tat's ;)

  4. Wow! What an interesting person you are. It makes me wonder if I can find 20 things to say about me. Probably not lol
    A great post, I loved reading it. I look forward to reading more on your blog

  5. This was wonderful, Heaven! How in the hell did you poop on your husband's foot? LOL And I do love your cute brother's hair. =)

  6. Mary Poppins and Serial Killers?? Good God woman, you have a "strange" imagination - I guess that's what makes you such a wonderful author. BTW; I think your # 1 is the best.

    ((( Hugs ))from a Fan for Life

  7. Oh-Em-Gee! Heaven Liegh, if I promise not to use the word in #14, will you promise not to discuss #12 again? Please? ;)
    I'm totally with you on #20. Who needs food and water, right? I've got 30 Seconds to Mars on the headphones as I type this note.
    I've got a bit of OCD as well... Okay. It's a lot. ;)


  8. Heaven, just when I think you can't shock me any more, you do. You pooped on your husband's foot? lmao We have a lot in common...numbers 20, 18, 8, 7, 2, and 1 to be exact. Great post, sweets.

  9. Fantastic post. I used to hate talking on the phone as well, so much so that I let my girlfriend answer my cell. We got so used to it that it became her phone.