Sunday, October 16, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday And Giveaway!!

Good morning fans and friends. I am extremely excited today. There is only five days left until the E-Book release of The Demon Side. I honestly can not contain myself. So, I've decided to make today's Six Sentence Sunday, a giveaway as well. (Rules and how to enter are listed at the bottom of this page)

Etta is preparing for her high school graduation. With Rahovart watching, she twirls in front of her mirror in her graduation dinner gown. She's done pretty well ignoring him and his tricks for the past few months. Rahovart is getting bored with how things are going with the Divad's. He decides its time to up the ante, making sure Etta couldn't ignore him any longer. So without further ado, I give Six Sentences from The Demon Side!!

I cut the straps around her neck that held the dress up and exposed her bra. Etta quickly grabbed the straps and ran to the bathroom as I followed. I’d been watching her day in and day out, waiting for a chance to see what she desperately tried to hide under her baggy clothes.
“Get out!”
I cracked up as she hid behind a towel, laughing so hard that I let Etta go right past me as she ran back to her bedroom. Still chuckling, I flashed back to the bedroom, but she’d already dressed, and I’d missed another great opportunity to see her naked.

So, how do you win a free e-book copy of The Demon Side in the format of your choice? Leaving a comment gets you one entry. Leaving a comment and following my blog gets you two entries. Leaving a comment, following my blog and liking the official The Demon Side Facebook page gets you three entries.

Now say you've done all of that and you really, really want to win a copy, well...there is one more thing you can do. Check out these fellow Author's Six Sentence Sunday as well, leave a comment and/or follow their blog (let them know I sent you) and you will receive, not only one entry per action, but you'll receive two entries per action. The person with the most entries wins!

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Now say you really don't want to go through all of that trouble just to win a copy. I am sorry to hear that, but have no fear. The Demon Side release this Friday, October 21st, 2011. Also, I'll be doing many more giveaways during my November blog tour. 


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  2. Loved your six and I'm so excited about your up coming release. Yay You!

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