Friday, October 28, 2011


Oh, yes! it is Friday again and I am back on my game. If you're wondering what FLASH FICTION FRIDAY is well I'll tell you. You get one photo and one hundreds words, no more, no less to write a story involving the photo.This week I'm also doing a give-a-way. So for a chance to win a free E book copy of The Demon Side follow the instruction below!

Katie picked up rapid movement on the stairs. She knew her time was running out. If Benjamin wouldn’t accept her offer she’d be doom to living the rest of her nine lives at Oak Ridge as a guinea pig.  There was no way she would go back. Not after what they did to her family.

He was the only one that could save her. Hell, he was the only Warlock left in a fifty miles radius. “Please.” She begged. With his agreeing nod, the door behind Katie exploded. Instincts kicked in, she shifted taking her spot next to her Warlock.

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  1. Oh wow! I loved your FFF, too! Awesome for Halloween!!!!

  2. Interesting and different, I liked it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. *sings* A coffin hopping she will go ...

    I like the black cat image. I have a Bombay at home and am partial to black cats. *Grins*

    I am a dark fiction author myself. This week I interviewed Ellen Datlow on my blog, The Demon Stole My Pencil. Creep on by and lurk awhile or hop ... or skip. Aw, hell! Just come visit me! LOL


  4. Am I the shape shifting cat?! Please say I'm the shape shifting cat. I want to be the shape shifting cat!!

    Fantabulous job as always my love!!

  5. Katie you are a shape shifting kitty! :P Thank you every one for checking out my blog!

  6. Great story, liked your interpretation!

  7. Perfect, now that I have her Katie in cat form, I think I'm going to leave her like that for a while. That way she can't shoot anyone with her paws. A very creative post Ms. Heaven, I like your style.

  8. Funny how we all see this photo so differently! Loved your shifter take.

  9. You know Benjamin has Katie's back! Nice work!