Sunday, October 9, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Today I decided that I would post six sentences from one of my works in progress. So, today I share with you, six sentences from The Human Side, sequel to The Demon Side. In this opening scene, we find Ra watching Etta sleep on one of his many midnight visits to her. 

Every toss, every turn, every little moan sent my imagination into overdrive as I sat in the terribly uncomfortable white wicker chair next to her bed. I know the veil closed behind me when I left, but I wondered if she ever subconsciously dreamt about me. Did the CD and feather I left her ever bring up a hidden memory of our time together? If so, does she see me as I am now or does she only see the Demon I once was? Did her heart forget the love she professed for me? Does the heart ever truly forget?


  1. Great internal monologue. Hi from a fellow SSS-er. My first time on your blog! :)


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  2. I love me some demon gone good. Great six Miss Heaven!!

  3. Intense and descriptive, loved it!

  4. Such an intense scene here. I feel sorry for him. Great six!

  5. I Can't wait to read it!!!!!!!!!!