Sunday, November 13, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Yes! I love Sundays! Today is the day i get to share Six Sentences of anything I want. Today I decided to give you a little more from Mesa Rising. Now remember folks, I do not consider dialogue to be part of the six sentences. If I did you'd get part of a conversation with no idea as to what is going on. Okay, now that we cleared that here is a recap in case you missed anything.

“Oh gawd no!” Millie shouted awakening Andre. In his fog, images of the previous night flashed in his head. He remembers going to the dark and dank strip club, the shots of PatrĂ³n coming one after another and much to his surprise, seeing Millie coming out of the back room with three large men.

 Of all he could remember, he couldn’t recollect how they ended up in the woods, let alone how she came to be dangling by her wrists from the branch of an ash tree.

“Millie!” Jumping to his feet, he raced to her desperately reaching for the knots that bound her. 

So,  we find Andre trying to free his ex-girlfriend Millie, from her binds against her warnings to leave her and run.

“Look at me Andre. If you don’t leave right now, you’re gonna find yourself in situation worse than at the mortuary.”

Andre hadn’t told Millie or anyone for that matter about his night locked inside the Mountain View funeral home. His gaze shifted down from the ropes toward her face.

“What the fuck?” Andre jumped back in shock by what he saw. No longer was she the beautiful woman he grown to know and fall in love with. Hanging before him was something different all together, a horribly mauled corpse. 
“The hunger is too strong. I can’t hold it any longer.”

 “You’re…you’re a…a zombie?”

“Yes! Now fucking run you dumb shit!”  Millie snapped her binds as if they were nothing more than thin sewing string.
Now we find Andre hiding in a tree. He realizes that Millie is no longer chasing him and no where to be seen. Now that you're all caught up, let's see what happens next!

Clueless as to how one day Millie was the image of fragile, porcelain angel and the next an oozing, super-fast and agile member of the zombie nation, he clung to the large redwood in hopes of not becoming a meal for the undead. Unable to hear over his pounding heart, Andre searched the surrounding forest floor for any sign that Millie was near. To his right the sound of leaves crunching caught his attention.

“Andre?” Millie’s sweet voice called. In his mind it was nothing more than a trick to flush him out.

“I know you’re up there. C’mon down. It’s okay now. I caught a deer a few yards back.” Andre looked below him at the now Millie he knew.

“Not happening, sweets. How do I know you’re not going to go all super cannibal on me again?”

“If I was that hungry to chase you down, that means we’ve been out here for more than three days and you’re just as hungry as I am. Come down and I’ll explain everything over a venison steak.”

“No. I think you can explain it from down there.”

“Fine suit yourself but the longer you wait the less likely the meat will remain any good. What do you want to know?”

“What the hell just happened? What the fuck are you?”

“You know what I am. The most common name is Zombie but I find that to be offensive. Except needing live flesh to survive we share nothing in common with pop culture’s definition of a Zombie. As for what happened you know as much as I do. How we got out here is beyond me. I can only imagine the men at the bar had a hand in this. Can you please come down now? I ate just enough to calm the change but I am far from full. If that deer lays for too long it will be no good to me and you’ll find yourself back on the menu.”

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