Friday, November 4, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday!

It's another Flash Fiction Friday! One photo! One hundred words, no more, no less. And a ton of awesome writers!! 

“Oh gawd no!” Millie shouted awakening Andre. In his fog, images of the previous night flashed in his head. He remembers going to the dark and dank strip club, the shots of Patrón coming one after another and much to his surprise, seeing Millie coming out of the back room with three large men.

 Of all he could remember, he couldn’t recollect how they ended up in the woods, let alone how she came to be dangling by her wrists from the branch of an ash tree.

“Millie!” Jumping to his feet, he raced to her desperately reaching for the knots that bound her. 

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  1. OMG, that was great. What's up with them. How did they get there. You have to answer.

  2. looks like it was one hell of a night!!! great post :)

  3. Those nights are the best nights...fabulous as always my love xx

  4. OMG tell me more! How did that happen, is she OK? WTH! Don't leave me dangling :snickers:


  5. Oh boy! Trouble... you are going to have to expand on this, you know...

  6. Heaven, you have a wicked and scary imagination, but why should that surprise me. Lady, you've got talent - great post.

  7. Oh wow. I wonder how they ended up there. Great FFF.

  8. 1st - OMG that was great!
    2nd - OMG I need more!

  9. Oh, I loved it. You have the makings for a great scene in your next book. I love your imagination.

  10. Thank you all so much. I have to say I sort of cheated this week. This is a scene in my work in progress Mesa Rising. Te photo just worked too perfect for it!

  11. The words "bound" + "wrists" + "dangling" = chilling to me - not to mention the three large men. Yikes! I suppose it could be all sexy and fun, but this one had a dark edge when I read it. I hope he saves Millie!


  12. A mystery! What happened to poor Millie? Great post Heaven!

  13. BRILLIANT!! Now I need to read Mesa Rising.