Sunday, August 19, 2012

Demon Boy (the Band) Review

Demon Boy (The Band)
Written by Heaven Liegh Eldeen
1410 AM KMYC’s The Dirt with Lori Schulz & Heaven Eldeen

“Taking the world by storm both musically and visually comes a band that is out to conquer the media. Hailing from New York, comes Demon Boy and his minions. This enigma of the industry is taking the world by storm in many ways.”

I took the above quote from Demon Boy’s website and I must say it’s the understatement of the decade. Combining great music and an incredible performance, Demon Boy grabs the audience and transports them into their world where you can let loose listening to alluring, fluid lyrics, hypnotic guitar/bass riffs, and drums that set your heart to their beat. With influences such as Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie and a hint of Gwar, you can’t beat Demon Boy!

Sitting down to write this review I find myself short in words on how to properly explain the incredible phenomena that is the band Demon Boy. I could go on and on but it would never do Demon Boy justice. If I have to narrow it all down into one sentence, it would be “DEMON BOY ROCKS \,,/\,,/!”
You simply have to experience the band for yourself.

Though The Dirt’s rating system only goes up to 5 Stars, Lori Schulz and I give Demon Boy 10 Stars!

Get your Demon Boy fix at the following links:
Demon Boy Website:





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