Tuesday, August 7, 2012

10 more thing you may not have known about me

Ten more things you may have not known about me.

1.) When laying in bed, I'm scared of the dark. Walking down the street, I feel safer at night. Yep. I'm that off kilter.

2.) My favorite poet is Robert Service. Yes I read poetry.

3.) Growing up I really wanted to be an opera singer but my voice is more for jazz/blues.

4.) My first kiss at age eleven was ruined by my sister spying on me. She ran and told my mom. I didn't get in trouble but was teased incisively for months by every member of my family. I would have rather got into trouble.

5.) My first kiss is on my friends list.

6.) Etta's best friend in The Human Side is my best friend in real life. Love you Mosh!

7.) I still hold the record for most fights in one school year at my Jr. High.

8.) I can bend my thumbs behind the first knuckle of my forefingers.

9.) Approximately once a week, I have the same dream I've had since I was twelve. I have it mostly on Thursdays.

10.) My utopia is the shooting range. Not only is it fun but everyone gets along perfectly and is incredibly friendly. Of course, you wouldn't want to be a jerk or pick a fight at a shooting range. Everyone's armed.

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