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Yay! I’d like to thank Lorelei Bell for joining us today on The Demon Side!

Before we get to the nitty-gritty, tell us a little about yourself?

I am not a demon, or a vampire--unfortunately, but so happy to be here on your blog, Heaven! After having struggled at trying to get an agent, and failing, I self-published my first book, "Spell of the Black Unicorn". I went on to re-write my vampire novel after that hopeful to get someone's attention. I finally got myself a small publisher who has published both of my novels in a series.

I have a full-time job and work on my writing when I have free time. My husband is my biggest fan and supporter. I hope that by the time I retire I have at least 8 or 10 books out so that I can enjoy my time writing and not at some other job.

Did you wake up one morning and say “Hey, I think I’ll write a book today!” or has writing always been a passion for you?

I have been writing for a very long time (over 30 years). In the beginning I thought it would be easy to get published, but I eventually realized this wasn't the easiest gig to get. I am a writer. I do not go by any other description. I eat and sleep with some scene in my head. I can't stop writing even if you pointed a gun at me and told me to stop.

Can you tell us what Vampire's Trill is about?

Sabrina Strong, a Touch Clairvoyant, parries with demons and vampires alike, while saving her boss, Bjorn Tremayne (vampire magnate of eastern half of the US) who awaits trial for killing a human in the first book.

Dante Badheart, her partner, puts himself at risk in order to obtain information on what Ilona is up to, as she reinstates hunting humans. Sabrina finally learns Vasyl's role in finding her through his recounting of his human life and vampire life and how the past and the future will come together. Sabrina learns why newcomer, Bill Gannon is so interested in her. Sabrina's past finally catches up to her as she uncovers an evil plot afoot.

What inspired you to write Vampire's Trill?

The first book took me about 4 years to write. The second one was in my head before I was finished with it.

When you write do you draw from your personal life or experiences?

Sometimess I do. For instance I use the house I live in and the area for backdrop of the book. Many people who live in nearby towns might recognize many buildings, streets, and businesses I use in the book. I try to use other real life experiences for certain parts of the book. I happened to have lost my mother at a young age and Sabrina has lost her mother--but I changed that she was turned into a vampire, instead of dying of cancer. Things like that are good to use and change.

I know I can write a word without my IPod, a Pepsi and a bag of Hershey kisses. What must you have while writing?

Oh, probably a hot or cold drink (depending upon the weather). I don't usually snack while I eat, unless it's in the middle of the day or morning. If I could just write all the time I'd never eat much—and maybe I'd lose some weight! But my 2 glasses of wine in the evening before dinner is a must!

How do you manage your writing career and life outside of the computer desk?

It's always been difficult, but with my husband doing laundry, and taking care of other segments of life, I'm able to spend time in my office when there is free time. I've sort of gotten into the habit of getting up earlier than I need to get a few things done—sometimes it's blogging and answering email, and sometimes it's writing something that came to me in the night.

Can you give the readers a little taste of Vampire's Trill?


I knew I wasn't asleep but in a fog—or rather deep in a vampire's thrall. I recognized that when I opened my eyes as the thrall lifted. The aroma of straw and horses caught in my nose. I realized that I lay in a bed of straw in the second floor of a barn. Most importantly, my Knowing also told me that I wasn't alone. He was here with me.

My movements set in motion the male form across from me. Vasyl slowly turned around. His dark silhouette bisected silver moonlight framed in the open haymow door in the upper section of the barn. His white silk shirt almost glowed against the ebony of his long, wavy hair. The wings were gone, now. Invisible, or whatever it was master vampires could do with them.

Vasyl slowly, sinuously stepped toward me, cutting the distance in half. Unable to avoid my fear — because he had lifted his thrall — I sat up and scooted further back into the pile of straw. As I did, I felt tightness and pain over my right shoulder. I grimaced, trying to stifle a groan, but it gushed out. My mind replayed vague, swirling scenes of being in a car, going way too fast, and someone shooting at me.

Oh. Right. Shot in the back – I had been with Leif. The moments of the car chase and wreck replayed in my mind's eye in a quick flash, stunning me briefly. How had this happened? It was all like a blurry half-remembered dream. “Where am I?” Now there's an original question to ask your abductor.

“Where you are safe, Cherie,” he answered in a chilly, quiet voice, almost as though he were in a church, or monastery. Still, his voice seemed magnified, although he did not use it to full volume.
“Why did you—” I stopped myself when the blanket fell away, and I realized I was nude from the waist up. “Hey! What's the idea?” I said, frantically pulling the blanket up to hide behind—as if he hadn't already seen everything he'd wanted to.

“Sabrina, you were shot,” he said slightly louder this time, his accent not quite as heavy as I remembered it the last time we'd met.

“I had to find the bullet. You were bleeding heavily, and I had to remove the bullet from your shoulder. You've lost a lot of blood,” he added.

“Uh—okay...” I fumbled with the horse blanket. It was wool and itched. “I gave you some of my blood to replace yours that you'd lost. And it helps with the healing. The wound — it was very deep — to the bone. I feared that had I done nothing, you would have died.” He made the universal shrug sign, hands out. I couldn't see it, but I imagined his luscious lower lip had pushed out.

“Maybe I was meant to die,” I squeezed from my lungs, surprised at my sudden depressed feelings, tears sliding out of my eyes.

“Absoluement non!” he barked so sharply that I jumped.

“Sabrina, I am not your enemy. I am your sworn protector. Forever. Tonight you would have died had I not pulled you from that car. You are the sibyl. You must live. The whole world depends upon it.”

Heart hammering against my chest, I took him in. “The whole world?” I said and made a little scoff. “Let's stick with maybe a radius of a few miles, okay?”

He remained stoic. I took in his tight-fitting jeans along with the glowing white shirt that hung open and was not of a style men wore today, it was more like something they might have worn in, say, the fifteenth century. He strode bare footed, closing in on me. Vasyl was not one to wear shoes. At the moment, his face was shadowed because he was facing away from the moonlight. It was good that he was, because if I saw his eyes I would have no control over my actions.

“You remember?” he asked. “I did not take the memory from you.”

Squinting with concentration, I said, “Someone was shooting at us.”

“Yes,” he said as he knelt beside me. “They were following you. I tried to stop them. Then, when I realized that the car you were in went out of control, I came to save you.”

“What happened to Leif?”

“Does it matter?”

I couldn't answer that. I didn't care for Leif much. If it had been
Heath, I would care. “I'm just...curious.”

“The car crashed, after I lifted you out. I am certain the vampire, Leif, saved himself.” He sat back on his heels. Now his face was in partial light, and my gaze slid to his saucy lips. I was doing my best not to look into his eyes. I knew he was kicking off pheromones that were keeping me calm, plus, he'd had my blood, and I'd had his, now. A two-way blood bond was the strongest. It was what tied a scion or a donor/paramour to the vampire. I was now his. If he'd wanted to, he could kick the pheromones up a notch and do whatever he wanted with me at this point. He was the most beautiful vampire I'd ever seen, and if he were merely a mortal man I'd still have trouble remembering to keep my hands to myself, wounded or not.

How can we get more of you and Vampire's Trill? 

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