Monday, December 10, 2012

No five star review of The Demon Side Will top this!

Sent to me via facebook~ Heaven, I just wanted to gush and thank you!!... My son Jeffrey has a traumatic brain injury, and is 14 years old. he lost the ability to read during brain surgery at 6. he has been struggling to read ever since. he is into wizards and anime, and i never thought about letting him read your books... i was no feeling well and i lent him my lap top so he could watch net flix in his room (he does not have a television in his room) and i went to take a nap with Heaven. (my daughters name is also Heaven for those of you that dont know) anyway.. when i woke up he was sitting on the couch with my lap top with a dictionary and reading. i peeked over the top of the laptop to see what he was reading, as he was crying. i asked him what was wrong.. and he said.. ohhh im sooo worried about Etta. I just kind of looked at him and said, what?? he said in this book on your computer mom.. the Demon side, Etta, shes a good girl... but i think people mis understand her like they do me. HE READ THE FIRST 4 CHAPTERS OF YOUR BOOK!!! AND HE LOVES IT!!! ... he was reading it this morning before school and made me promise to let him read it after school!!! just goes to show... your writing is amazing!! and very easy to read! thank you from a momma who never thought her son would be interested in an actual book! ♥ Ker

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