Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Naughty Thing Called Life Review

A Naughty Thing Called Life
By Papa Spyk
Written by Heaven Liegh Eldeen
1410 AM KMYC’s The Dirt with Lori Schulz & Heaven Eldeen

As I sit writing this review I find myself distracted by the cover of Papa Spyk’s cover for A Naughty thing Called Life. The powerfully, disturbing image of a man holding a gun to his chin speaks volumes about not only the man himself but this amazing biography as well. 

Once the compelling hypnotic effect of the cover wares off, you’re pulled into the world of a man who has been there, done that, and has the scars to prove it. Page after page, you follow the pied piper from his rise to the top to his fall into the depths of sorrow, heartache, and pain.

But A Naughty Thing Called Life is far beyond a dark tale of how a man lost it all. Through the tears there are victories that have you shouting out in triumph. This inspirational saga is a must read for anyone and everyone who has battled the pitfalls of addiction, loss, and crippling ailments.

Lori Schulz and I proudly give this incredible novel 5 stars!

Writing my story has made me go back into my past and
start picking out the good from the very bad. I was born in the
sixties, an overly intelligent child trapped in a hopelessly dysfunctional
world. My story is fundamentally honest and I find people have a problem dealing with honesty. And after suffering a near death experience, told I’d never walk again, be a paraplegic, never father a child, I thought my life was over. But thanks to my amazing family and close friends, who gave me the strength to survive, learn to walk again and father the most beautiful little girl in the world, I am now back and writing this book to inspire and make a difference to people’s lives. It’s all about my honesty, integrity, spirit, and courage to love and be loved and the way I healed myself through going to hell and back. I have come further than anybody I have ever known. It seems I have already discovered that there is a silver lining in every cloud. I now know my world, which I am, what I’ve been and what I’ve become. This is a testament to focusing my energy from destruction to creation.

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  1. I just read this review. What an amazing man. What an extrordinary father. One who loves his family and his life. Someone who has put meaning and inspiration to many people who have bought his book and have read it or are in the process. I have had the opportunity to become friends with such a wonderful man. I will be a true supporter always. Wishing him health,happiness,blessings,inspiration and love!